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I have been playing the Sims since August ’05. I started with my sister’s old copies of Sims 1 as she was moving up to Sims 2. It only took me a few weeks of that to decide to try …

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Welcome to Love My Sims

This blog will catch any and all challenges I play for Sims 4. A good portion of the links will take you back to my previous blog (which is primarily Sims 3), as I may not move everything over. The previous blog will, hopefully, remain in perpetuity. ;)

Typically these won't be stories so much as scoreboards depending on the challenge. Each challenge will have a post for the rules and a post for the results depending on how many pictures I remember to take.


If you’re interested in writing and/or reading sims stories, participating in fun competitions and events, joining a friendly and welcoming community, completing legacies and challenge and earning medals, or just having a great place to discuss Sims 2, Sims 3, or Sims 4, then there is a place for you at the

Boolprop.net Forums

Download SimTeresa

Here are the various versions of my Simself for each of the games.

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21 Mar

Babbling Brooks, Chapter 5.1

With the house all to herself, it is time for Ilia to begin her contribution to the legacy. She will be tackling the 7-toddler challenge within the legacy framework. She defers taking a job initially, and instead heads off to …

16 Mar

Days of Sims

I found several lists of CAS sims to make each day and I combined them into my own list.  As I create the sims, I will be posting their pictures here.  All sims will be made available on the Gallery.