Welcome to Love My Sims

This blog will catch any and all challenges I play for Sims 4.  A good portion of the links will take you back to my previous blog (which is primarily Sims 3), as I may not move everything over.  The previous blog will, hopefully, remain in perpetuity. 😉

Typically these won’t be stories so much as scoreboards depending on the challenge.  Each challenge will have a post for the rules and a post for the results depending on how many pictures I remember to take.

There are a few challenges out there that catch my attention from time to time. As I find them I will be adding them here and eventually I will even attempt to complete one or two.

For Sims 2

For Sims 3

For Sims 4

A lot of the challenges I play come from Carl’s The Sims 4 Forum.  The official challenges are located on Carl’s forums and have start and end dates during which they can be attempted as part of the annual tournament.  I will do the ones I can during the official tournament and will try the rest when I have time for an unofficial score.

Sims 3 Challenges and Tournaments
2009 Challenges
2010 Tourney
2011 Tourney
2012 Tourney
2013 Tourney
2014 Tourney

Sims 4 Challenges and Tournaments

2015 Tourney

2016 Tourney

I have also dabbled with Pinstar’s Sim of the Month Club challenges for Sims 3.   These challenges were originally posted on the official forums along with a link to download the challenge sim.  They can now be found on Pinstar’s official legacy website.

Sim of the Month Club