10.0 Here’s a Tip: Party Like a Rock Star!

Here’s a Tip: Party Like a Rock Star!

With multiple scoring components, you’ll be pushing your Rock Star to the very edge. But, like Neil Young said…it’s better to burn out than fade away!

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim.
  • There are no restrictions to adding to the household, but your starting character (your Rock Star) is the only character that can be scored.
  • The guitar exploit is banned. Absolutely no canceling of Perform queues.
  • Also, during Perform queues you are forbidden to go to Map view.
  • Playing for Tips in Subways is banned.
  • You can’t throw parties until attaining the Rock Star level in the Music Career, and you’re restricted to throwing parties one day per week (your choice of day week to week).
  • You cannot prematurely end a party. All guests must leave on their own accord without influence from your Rock Star.
  • The Legendary Host reward is banned.
  • Vampires may not be on a party guestlist.
  • No vacation or traveling allowed.
  • This challenge concludes at Week 11, Day 2, 8 AM.


Tip — This is the largest single tip received during a “Play for Tips” session. Be observant because the tips fly up the screen pretty quickly.

Concerts — This is the total received from your 2 best paying Concerts.

Autograph — This is the total received from your single best paying Autograph session.

Epic Party — This is the challenge multiplier. Everyone begins with an Epic Party multiplier of 1.00. For each Epic Party you host (be observant of the end-of-party desciption in the top right of the game screen), 5% (.05) is added to your Epic Party multiplier. Read over and be familiar with party hosting limitations again in the rules above.

Here’s an example:

The challenge concludes at Week 11, Day 2, 8 AM, so at that point you pause your game and look at your notes. Let’s use Stevie Ray Vaughan as an example. Stevie Ray’s highest tip was 5000 simoleans. Next, his 2 best Concert payouts were 3,157 and 3,576. Those add up to a Concert score of 6,733. Third, his most profitable single Autograph session was 8,009 simoleans. And finally out of the 18 parties Stevie Ray threw, 16 ended up being Epic. So, the Epic Party Multiplier = 16 X .05 = .8.

So, add up the 3 main components: 5000 + 6,733 + 8,009 = 19,742.

Epic Party Multiplier = 1.00 + .8 = 1.80

Final score = 19,742 X 1.80 = 35,535 (decimal places are always dropped)

Helpful Guide Articles
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Challenge Begins: July 11
Challenge Ends: August 14

Kick out the jams and good luck, fellow Rock Stars!


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