10.0 Setting the Stage for Maximum Moodlets

Setting the Stage for Maximum Moodlets

Okay, I confess…I am not being very creative with this one since it’s basically a carbon copy of the 2010 Tournament season finale. But, it was creative then! :) Seriously, it’s a really different and fun kind of event and there has not been any event since that has focused on moodlets — they’re kind of a unique aspect to gameplay and there are a whole bunch of new moodlets in the last 2 years, so it will be interesting to see how players stack up to NancyJ’s performance in the old event.

7 different Sims each represent a snapshot of +mood for the 7 different life stages. Your research and planning will help you “set the stage” to achieve the highest total +mood possible.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 2 Sims to start—their starting life stage is your choice.
  • You will eventually need to have 7 different household members supply the scores for the 7 different stages of a Sim’s life. ALL household members must supply a score (no passing over anyone), so that means no pets.
  • Over-Emotional is banned.
  • You are allowed 7 total days vacation. Each Sim on vacation counts as 1 day against your allotment.
  • If the town you want to play in does not have an empty lot to build a home, then you are free to use Edit Town to make that happen.
  • Please DO NOT ask for any clarifications if your question hints at strategy. You can always PM me.
  • This challenge ends after playing your household for 12 weeks (Week 12, Day 7, 11:59 PM).

Scoring is based on total moodlet value of a Sim (remember to subtract negative moodlets too) at a specific snapshot in a life stage. All household members must supply one stage score, but no more than that. So, for example, let’s say you choose your firstborn (or first adopted Sim) Sim to supply the Teen score. That same Sim could not also supply the Young Adult score. The Young Adult score would need to come from a different Sim.

Multiple snapshots of a given Sim for a particular life stage is fine. It’s not a “one chance only” type of thing—if one Sim has a Young Adult score of 200 and the same Sim in the same life stage later has a moodlet total of 225, then obviously take the best score.

Also, you only count moodlets unique to each Sim. So, if 3 of your Sims all had “Having a Blast” moodlets at the time of their snapshots, you would make a choice as to which Sim gets that moodlet. You would not be able to add “Having a Blast” to the total for 2 of the Sims. As long as a moodlet has a different name, then that qualifies for it to be scored (i.e. Good Meal and Great Meal are different moodlets).

Post your results in this thread and I’ll update the table, but do not mention moodlets. Just total up the qualifying different moodlets for each life stage.


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