11.0 Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Okay, Late Night celebrity fans, this one is for you…your primary goal is to quickly complete the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous Lifetime Wish. BUT, there are plenty of other restrictions and a Celebrity Multiplier (that goes up and down) to make things quite challenging — no you can’t just wine and dine a 5-star celeb and be done with this — lol.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 YA Sim.
  • You must have the Late Night expansion.
  • You may not add to the household.
  • If the town you want to play in does not have an empty lot to build a home, then you are free to use Edit Town to make that happen.
  • You are allowed one vacation.
  • All Romantic socials are banned.
  • You are restricted to 2 sources of income: 1) completing Celebrity Opportunities and 2) selling Celebrity Freebies placed in Family Inventory throughout the event.
  • No skill is banned but you may not use a skill to increase your Net Worth (i.e. paintings, photos, sculptures, etc).
  • Nothing may be placed in Personal Inventory to increase Net Worth.
  • Please DO NOT ask for any clarifications if your question hints at strategy. You can always PM me.
  • This challenge ends when you have completed the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous Lifetime Wish. Pause your game when you have finished and note all scoring components.


**Household Funds. This is your cash on hand (Simoleans) at the time you complete the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous LTW. Pause your game, go into Buy Mode and open Family Inventory. Sell all remaining freebie items placed there that you have not sold already and note your final Household Funds. Nothing else can be sold over the course of the challenge than the freebie items received as a celebrity.

**CM. This is your Celebrity Multiplier. Everyone begins the event with a multiplier of 1.00. 2 things affect the final Multiplier — how long you take to finish the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous LTW and the Celebrities Known stat in your Celebrity Journal.

For every day you take to finish the LTW you must reduce the CM by 5% (.05) and for every Celebrity Known in your Celebrity Journal you add 1/2% (.005).

**Total. Just take your Household Funds and multiply that figure by the CM to obtain your Total.

Let’s walk through an example:

You finish the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous LTW on Week 2, Day 4. You pause the game and sell any remaining freebies in your Family Inventory. Your total Household Funds now sits at 110,230.

Now you need to compute your CM. First, figure out your time penalty — you finished on Week 2, Day 4 which means it took you 11 days.

11 X .05 = .55
1.00 – .55 = .45

Now figure out your bonus from the Celebrities Known stat. You open up your Celebrity Journal and see the Celebrities Known at 47.

47 X .005 = .235

.45 + .235 = .685

Your Total is 110,230 X .685 = 75,507 (please leave off the decimal places)

My thanks to ratchie for coming to me with the original idea for this event. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, everyone!


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