12.0 The Hobos to Heroes Race

The Hobos to Heroes Race

Start with two Young Adult Sims ill-equipped for what you are about to tackle. You’re going to literally starve them for two days and also have them become enemies. But, then the fun begins. Once they achieve the “Starving” moodlet and are enemies, you need to get them married and have both attain the Firefighter Super Hero LTW as soon as possible. You’re allowed to choose any traits you wish, but making things more difficult for yourself by giving your Sims nasty traits in CAS will actually reduce your final time.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 2 Young Adult Sim.
  • Use the Customize LTW option for both and choose Firefighter Super Hero.
  • Relationship must be set at Housemate.
  • Starting lot must be empty.
  • Only children may be added to the household and your Sims may not join another household.
  • Your Sims cannot leave the lot or buy anything until both have the “Starving” moodlet and are enemies with each other (approximately 2 days). No Friendly or Romantic socials can be attempted until the Starving moodlet has appeared.
  • No vacations allowed.
  • The “Nasty” traits, if you decide to use them, must be assigned in CAS. Mid-Life Crisis is banned.
  • This challenge concludes when your Sims are married and both have attained their Firefighter Super Hero LTW.


Ending Time — When your Sims are married and both have attained their Firefighter Hero LTW, pause the game and write down the Week, Day, and Hour (do not concern yourself with minutes at all. Just drop them off completely from your score).

Trait Reduction — You can reduce your finish time by a maximum of 10 days by electing to give your Sims any or all of the following 10 traits (each trait results in one day chopped off your Ending Time):

Both Sims can receive the following traits:
Committment Issues

You may also assign the following 4 traits:
Unflirty (must be given to the Sim on the receiving end of the marriage proposal)
Couch Potato

Final Time — Take your Ending Time and simply reduce it with the number of traits you chose to give your Sims. Let’s say you finished on Week 4, Day 7, 5 pm and between your two Sims 6 of the 10 nasty traits were assigned. So, you’d take off 6 days. Your Final Time = Week 4, Day 1, 5 pm.

Challenge Begins: August 22
Challenge Ends: September 11

Helpful Guide Articles:
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Good luck!


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