2.0 Career Caps and New Digs

Career Caps and New Digs

Challenge Spreadsheet

Your two Sims strive to live in nicer and more luxurious homes as they hit the cap in standard rabbit-hole careers, self-employment careers, and professions. Lots of restrictions in this event, so read the rules carefully. Ready to get your career on?

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 2 Young Adult Sims.
  • No Sims may be added to the household, BUT…
  • No restrictions on pets.
  • Each Sim is allowed 3 vacations — length is up to you. If both Sims go on vacation that counts as one vacation for each.
  • You can only move if one of your Sims reaches lvl 10 in a standard rabbit-hole career, self-employment career, or a profession.
  • All qualifying career/professions must be unique — i.e. only one Sim could max the self-employed fisherman career.
  • Treat careers with two branches (i.e. Criminal and Music) as being unique careers.
  • Each move must be to a different pre-existing empty house (you cannot build on empty lots) and any house you move into must have a greater value than the house you’re moving out of. You’ll find your house’s value in the lower left portion of the Move screen. Check out the Moving Article on the Guide for more detailed info. Always make sure you select the Sell Furniture button in the Move screen.
  • You may never enter Build mode.
  • Each Sim may only buy 2 items per house from Buy Mode.
  • Nothing in any house or on any lot can be changed/moved with the exception of the two items each Sim can buy from Buy Mode.
  • Any reward object must always remain in family inventory (if a Lifetime Happiness Reward is one of your Sims’ bought items, they can be placed/used).
  • This challenges at Week 12, Day 7, 11:59 PM.

When you move make sure to note the house value of each house you are moving out of. Again, that info is in the lower left portion of the Move screen. You’ll also need to jot down the value of the last home you live in when the clock runs out. Add all of these together for your House Value score.

Cap Mult. The cap multplier score is based on how many total career and profession caps your two Sims hit. Everyone starts with a Cap Mult of 1.00. For each career or profession cap your Sims hit, add 10% (.10) to your Cap Mult.

Here’s an example: You get to Week 12, Day 7, 11:59 PM and you pause your game. The total value of all homes your Sims have lived in is $1,200,576. At the end your Sims were also able to max 13 unique careers/professions. Your Cap Mult score is 13 X .10 = 1.30. You start with 1.00 and add 1.30 = 2.30.

$1,200,567 X 2.30 = $2,761,304.1 (always drop the decimals)

Final Total = $2,761,304

Challenge Begins: January 2
Challenge Ends: February 26


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