Finale: Setting the Stage for Maximum Moodlets

2010 Tournament Finale: Setting the Stage for Maximum Moodlets


7 different Sims each represent a snapshot of +mood for the 7 different life stages. Your research and planning will help you “set the stage” to achieve the highest total +mood possible.


First Things First

  • Stating your intent to participate is mandatory. You will then be added to the leaderboard.
  • Practicing ahead of time is fine. But, once you create a character for the real deal, that’s it—you are allowed a single attempt for score.
  • You must be patched up to the most current EA patch.
  • No cheats or modifications.
  • Exiting without saving to avoid a mistake or an unfortunate occurrence (i.e. burglar or fire) is cheating.

Getting Started

  • Create 2 Sims (game length = Normal) in a brand new Sunset Valley, Riverview, or Twinbrook neighborhood.
  • The relationship and ages of your initial 2 Sims is up to you.
  • Aging must be left on and Freewill must be on High.
  • You can only play/remodel stock neighborhood houses or build one yourself from scratch.
  • Twinbrook players can add the Book Corral to the town library via Edit Town. Otherwise, the Edit Town screen is off limits.

Adding to Your Household + Setting the Stage

  • There are no restrictions on marrying and number of children (natural or adoption is fine). But, you will eventually need to have 7 different household members supply the scores for the 7 different stages of a Sim’s life.
  • Each member of the household must supply one of the scores. In other words, you can’t pass over any household member for scoring.

Additional Restrictions and Info

  • The Moodlet Manager is banned.
  • Vacations are banned.
  • The Over-Emotional trait is banned.
  • As always, discussing strategy on how to achieve certain goals in this thread is not allowed. If you’re unsure — don’t say anything.
  • This challenge ends after playing your household for 10 weeks (Week 10, Day 7, 11:59 PM).


Scoring is based on total moodlet value of a Sim (remember to subtract negative moodlets too) at a specific snapshot in a life stage. All household members must supply one stage score, but no more than that. So, for example, let’s say you choose your firstborn (or first adopted Sim) Sim to supply the Teen score. That same Sim could not also supply the Young Adult score. The Young Adult score would need to come from a different Sim.

Multiple snapshots of a given Sim for a particular life stage is fine. It’s not a “one chance only” type of thing—if one Sim has a Young Adult score of 200 and the same Sim in the same life stage later has a moodlet total of 225, then obviously take the best score.

Another important point with scoring is you only count moodlets unique to each Sim. So, if 3 of your Sims all had “Having a Blast” moodlets at the time of their snapshots, that’s fine, but you’d only count that particular moodlet once. You would not be able to add “Having a Blast” to the total for 2 of the Sims. As long as a moodlet has a different name, then that qualifies for it to be scored (i.e. Good Meal and Great meal are different moodlets).

Post your results in this thread and I’ll update the table. Please do not list individual moodlets. Just total up the qualifying different moodlets for each life stage.

This Event is Now Closed

Challenge Begins: September 10
Challenge Ends: November 28


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