3.0 The Trophy Room

The Trophy Room — The Most Rewarding Sims Challenge Yet

Sure it’s nice to have a million simoleans to be able to open up Buy Mode and purchase anything you want for your Simmies. But, objects you earn via a career, nice shiny medals and ribbons awarded for hard work, Happiness Reward objects purchased from fulfilling all those wishes — those have special meaning — they belong in your Trophy Room! And the more objects you have, the better.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 1 Young Adult Sim.
  • You may add 1 Household member only after each Household member has placed their first Trophy Room object without help from another Household member.
  • You are allowed only 3 vacations. Only one Sim is allowed on any vacation — length of each vacation is up to you.
  • Objects in the Trophy Room must be placed — i.e. on a wall, on a stand, on the ground.
  • Objects in the Trophy Room cannot be purchased from Buy Mode or a register.
  • Objects in the Trophy Room need to be bonafide rewards and not things you have made or the result of chance.
  • Objects in the Trophy Room must all be unique with different names.
  • The Trophy Room itself need not be a “room” with 4 walls. Feel free to design it however you wish. Just make sure to only have qualifying obects in/near your Trophy Room.
  • Qualifying Trophy Room objects:
  • Different Skill Certificates (1 Fishing and 1 Handiness is fine, but 2 Fishing skill certificates from 2 different Sims is not allowed);
  • Career Rewards (Fox Trophy, Squad car, Culinary fridge, Film career Simmies, etc.);
  • Different named Service Awards (Trophies/Ribbons/Medals — A Hero Medal and a Hero Trophy are fine — different named things, but a Hero Medal from the Firefighter Profession and a Hero Medal from the Ghosthunter Profession is not allowed because they’re still the same named object.);
  • Horse racing/jumping trophies;
  • All school-related rewards;
  • Lifetime Happiness objects (Sim and/or Pet) that can be placed (i.e. Moodlet Manager and/or a Food Replicator);
  • Normal plants and fishes DO NOT count. However, any plants grown from a completed op are fine;
  • Celebrity Freebies DO NOT count;
  • Wedding Presents DO NOT count;
  • Anything from the Culinary career or Criminal career taken home as part of a normal day’s work (food/art objects) DOES NOT count. However, art objects attained from reaching key criminal career levels DO count.
  • This challenge ends at Week 4, Day 7, 11:59 PM.

This one’s about as simple as they get. Just total up all the objects (a simple count, and ignore value) in your Trophy Room. Make sure every object in your trophy room does indeed qualify for scoring. Reread what qualifies above. Please be cautious about asking me “Metro, does x type of object qualify for the Trophy Room?” because you may give others ideas they had not thought of. So, PM me if you’re unsure.

Challenge Begins: February 27
Challenge Ends: March 25


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