7.0: Baby Boomer III: How Big is Your Family Tree?

Baby Boomer III: How Big is Your Family Tree?

Start with 2 Married Young Adult Sims and try and have as many children as possible before the mom reaches Elder stage. In a new twist with this year’s event, you can age a child up with a cake as soon as they attain key goals for a given stage.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 2 Young Adult Sims.
  • Your starting two Sims are the only Sims allowed to Try For Baby.
  • Your starting two Sims must always live together.
  • Your starting two Sims cannot be turned into vampires.
  • No adoption.
  • No Time Machine.
  • Only offspring can be added to the Household.
  • No vacations.
  • No babysitters.
  • No butlers.
  • No Simbots.
  • Anything that has a potential to lengthen the mom’s pre-Elder lifespan — makeovers, eating life fruit, drinking life fruit drinks, getting a tattoo, eating Ambrosia — all are banned for the mom.
  • No intentional killing of any Sims.
  • If a mom had a very happy pregnancy resulting in your picking two traits for the baby you may age the baby up to Toddler when there are 3 days left in the Baby stage.
  • If a Toddler, Child, or Teen has attained all goals for their life stage (see goals directly below) you are free to use a cake to age them up at that point. All requirements must be in place at the time you want to use the cake.
  • Household members can only move out upon reaching Young Adult stage. And once a Sim has been moved out, they cannot be moved back in.
  • As always, no cheating, but if you do encounter the Dropped Traits bug with a Sim, then you are free to use testingcheats to replace the missing trait.
  • This challenge concludes when the mother reaches Elder stage.

Pregnancy/Baby Stage Goal:
• If mom’s pregnancy is a very good one and you are allowed to pick two traits at birth for the baby, you may age the baby up to Toddler when there are 3 days left of the Baby Stage.

Toddler Stage Goals:
• Learn all 3 Toddler skills (Walking, Talking, Potty Training).

Child Stage Goals:
• Honor Roll for 3 Consecutive Days
• 1 Best Friend (cannot be a Household member and no Child can have the same Best Friend as another Child)

Teen Stage Goals:
• Honor Roll for 3 Consecutive Days
• 1 Romantic Interest (no Teen can have the same Romantic Interest as another Teen)
• Receive 2 promotions at a part-time job (hit level #3)

Three cheers for very simple scoring this time around — open up the Simology tab and click on Family Tree. Count the total number of Sims directly under your original pair—so it’s only their children and not grandchildren or spouses if they ended up marrying after getting the boot. Award yourself the following:

Sims who have moved out = 3 points
Sims in the Household who achieved their LTW (all LTW of final Household members must be unique) = 2 points
Sims in the Household who did not attain their LTW = 1 point

Total — Again, it’s very simple scoring with only one scoring component in this event. Let’s go through an example:

Your mother hits the Elder stage. It’s now time to stop. Pause the game and open up the Simology tab. Count the total number of Sims right under your original pair. Let’s say it’s 20 and there are 5 children remaining in the Household when your mother hits Elder status. So, it’s easy to figure out how many Sims you moved out:

20 – 5 = 15 Sims moved out. 15 X 3 points each = 45 points.

Now take a look at your remaining Household members and write down how many of the 7 (5 children + your starting pair) attained their Lifetime Wish. Let’s say 4 of the 7 completed their LTW:

4 Household members attained LTW X 2 points each = 8 points
3 Household members did not attain LTW X 1 point each = 3 points

45 + 8 + 3 = 56 points.

To make things even easier, Gheez has pulled through once again and designed a scoring sheet for this event. Great work, Gheez —

GoogleDocs Spreadsheet

Printable pdf Sheet

OpenOffice Spreadsheet

Helpful Guide Articles
Sims 3 Parenting Guide

Challenge Begins: May 9
Challenge Ends: July 17

So, get ready to Try For Baby. Often!


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