9.0 Random Wishmasters II: Foster Parent Frenzy

Random Wishmasters II: Foster Parent Frenzy

Several players suggested bringing children and adoption into the picture to change things up from last year’s Random Wishmasters. So, I listened and implemented some new twists. For approximately half the challenge, you’ll focus on your two starting Sims and gaining as many Happiness Points for them as possible. Then the real fun begins at Week 7 where your Sims begin adopting one child every Sunday. How are you at juggling? Lol.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 2 Young Adult Sims.
  • After you choose Create Sims, you must go with the appearance and gender of whatever the game gives you. Click the Personality button and choose the Randomize traits dice. You have to go with the first roll and no rerolling. Lifetime Wishes must be selected from the first 5 that the game offers — no Customize Lifetime Wish.
  • Change Lifetime Wish is banned.
  • Mid-Life Crisis and Motive Mobile is banned.
  • You are not allowed to add to the household until Week 7.
  • On Week 7, Day 1 you adopt 1 Sim (gender and age is your choice), and continue adopting 1 Sim every Sunday for the duration of the challenge. You may not add to the household except via the weekly adoption.
  • Traits of all adopted Sims must be random, including additional traits offered at birthdays.
  • Lifetime Wishes for adopted Sims must be chosen from any spawned LTW wish…again, no Customize Lifetime Wish.
  • For every LTW completed by a household member you are allowed to perform one early age up with a cake on any household member.
  • Your household is allowed 50 total days of vacation during this challenge. Each Sim on vacation counts as a day spent. For example, you have 3 Sims go on a 3-day vacation. You’ve spent 9 days against your 50 allowed.
  • This challenge concludes at the end of 12 weeks (Week 12, Day 7, 11:59 PM).


Sim #1 – Sim #8 — At the conclusion of the challenge, pause your game and open the Lifetime Happiness tab for all 8 Sims to find out the Total Happiness Aquired. You’ll need to mouse over the treasure chest to find out that figure.

Total — Add up all the Happiness Points from your 8 Sims for your Total.

Helpful Guide Articles
Wish Management Guide
Parenting Guide

Challenge Begins: June 20
Challenge Ends: August 28

Good luck!


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