A Bunch of Jobs and Rewards

A Bunch of Jobs and Rewards – ended March 31, 2014

Every year we always offer up a jobs/career type of challenge. This year the twist on that is courtesy of Challenge Team member, ratchie — you have to play Sunset Valley’s Bunch family.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • You’re playing the Bunch family in Sunset Valley and can never switch households or move to a different town.
  • You are allowed to use Edit Town before going into Live Mode to move the Bunch family to a different house if you want to. Otherwise, there is no moving.
  • No one can move out.
  • No changing life states.
  • No adding to the household except natural pregnancies for Judy and pets.
  • No drinking or throwing elixirs.
  • No using herbs, coffee beans, or drinks.
  • All maxed jobs must be unique for Teens and Adults—i.e. if Teen A maxes job B, then job B is off limits for everyone else.
  • All pre-Young Adult children may be caked up one time for every maxed unique job.  Teens and Adults alike can max jobs to enable caking up. All pre-Young Adult children must be caked up at the same time (Young Adult offspring are not caked up). This is a one time offer per maxed job..use it or lose it. In other words, if Judy maxes her job on a Monday, and Jack maxes his job on a Thursday, you have to cake up all the kids for Judy’s maxed job before Jack would max his job on Thursday.
  • 30 days vacation/future travel/University allowed. Everyone who goes on vacation counts against this allowed amount — i.e. if 3 Bunch members go into the future for 5 days, then you have spent 15 days against your allotment.
  • The Advanced Technology skill is allowed for this event.
  • No Time Machine.
  • This challenge ends at Week 4, Day 7, 11:59 PM.


Scoring is based on how many unique jobs the Bunch family have maxed (reached the highest possible level) as well as collecting as many different job related rewards.

Job Cap — Award yourself 1000 points for any maxed job unique to a Sim. All 4 types of jobs qualify: rabbit-hole, self-employment, professions, and part-time.

Rewards — Your multiplier is the total number of physical/placeable objects you get as perks for accomplishing things in some of the various jobs. Rewards (including Skill Certificates) can only be scored if you max a given career associated with an object. Everyone starts the game with a reward multiplier of 1.00. Here’s what qualifies as a reward:

• All Career physical reward objects (police cruiser, stereo, special fridge, Fox trophy, etc.)  Reward objects that can be received more than once per job do not count. The following are exceptions.

  • Only one horse trophy per type of race regardless of difficulty is allowed to be counted.
  • Only one Simfest per career can be counted

Skill Certificates. Skill Certificates can only be the result of maxed work-related skills (metric or skill learned from career op). Any career opportunity received that opens up a skill must be completed if a player is to count a skill certificate.
• Service Rewards such as ribbons.

It’s recommended you do not get rid of any rewards during the course of the challenge, so you can get an accurate count at the end of the event.

Each reward adds 5% (.05) to your multiplier.

NOTE: Celebrity freebies are NOT rewards in this challenge. Other items that DO NOT qualify as rewards — meals taken home from the restaurant, medical and police beepers, stylist and architect portfolios, items used to increase your job performance (i.e. box of danger or spirit device), any kind of books/journals that are part of normal job reading, paintings and sculptures that were “swiped” in the criminal career would not qualify as rewards. But, similar objects awarded as promotions in the criminal career DO count.

DO NOT ask in this thread if a certain item qualifies as a reward. PM the team with your question.

Total — Add up the number of job caps from your Bunch family. Then take that amount and multiply it by your rewards. I’ll walk you through an example.

Example: You get to the end of your 4th week and the Bunch family have hit 11 different job caps. They have also acquired 15 different rewards.
11 job caps = 11000 points
15 rewards X .05 = .75. Final multiplier = 1.00 + .75 = 1.75
Your Total = 11000 X 1.75 = 19250



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