Alien Technology

Prerequisites – Ambitions Expansion

“Earthlings are seen as quite primitive. It is a culture that still thinks digital watches were a pretty nifty idea. Pathetic.”

Sim City has been using Alien Technology for over a decade, gained from the crashed remains of an alien saucer. When the labs and factories that held this technology were destroyed in the blast, the secrets of their manufacture and operation were lost.

RESTRICTIONS (choose one)

    • With as few sims as you can, complete the following list
      • Clear Science
      • Clear Military
      • Clear Medical
      • Clear Cooking
      • Clear Athletic
      • Complete all Athletic Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Charisma Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Collection Skill challenges
      • Complete all Cooking Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Fishing Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Gardening Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Guitar Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Handiness Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Logic Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Painting Skill Challenges
      • Complete all Writing Skill Challenges
    • To lift this restriction requires narrowly survive being hit by a giant meteor, or to be present with a surviving family member when another sim of the household is struck by the meteor. This can occur on either a community lot or a home lot. The meteor must then be collected, and a sim must Tour the Science Facility with the meteor in their inventory.
    • Give birth to an Alien baby


Sims may not purchase the Body Sculptor (also restricted by Athletic and Science), Collection Helper (also restricted by Law Enforcement – International Super Spy and Science), Food Replicator (also restricted by Science), Hover Bed (also restricted by Science), Map of the Stars, Moodlet Manager (also restricted by Fortune Teller – Mystic and Science), Motive Mobile (also restricted by Science), My Best Friend (also restricted by Science), or Teleportation Pad (also restricted by Military) Lifetime Rewards.

The study of the alien materials in the meteorite enables several rapid breakthroughs in previously unknown fields of science, with associated technological breakthroughs. The Alien Technology restrictions are lifted.


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