Aoife Montrose

Aoife Montrose (ee-va)

  • Traits: Neat, Creative, Foodie (Angelic)
  • Spouse: Rachid Mandir

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Last generation – I am so excited!  Aoife wanted a mixologist so she went to every bar in the world and checked out every male that wasn’t an elder. Rachid was the lucky sim for some reason that escapes me now – family-oriented maybe.  They quickly got married and then they began focusing on skills and aspirations.  The target date was her Adult birthday so that they would have time to have the nooboo and bring it to teen before dying.  As we worked through their aspiration I started looking at legacy points and realized that they really couldn’t score many more points.  After narrowing down just what points were still possible, I focused their efforts.  3 days before Aoife’s adult birthday it was time to make a nooboo.

Generation 10 Triplets

The legacy ends with the birth of the triplets.  First born is Claire (clair), followed by Maire (may-ra), and then Aine (awn-ya).  While the legacy is officially over, I played long enough for the triplets to become toddlers so that I could get good pictures of them to close this story.  I will take Aoife, Rachid, and the triplets and upload them to the gallery for anyone to download if they wish.  They are being uploaded right after their leap from their bassinets so they have not had a chance to do much as toddlers.  Enjoy them.

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