Prerequisites – Ambitions Expansion, Military and Business

“A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines. “ Frank Lloyd Wright

The nuclear meltdown and resulting steam explosion contaminated the local area, including the buildings. Their structural integrity lost, many buildings simply collapsed while others were condemned due to heavy radiation. As the survivors cling to life, they resort to building basic shelters to protect themselves from the elements. Without proper knowledge of building safety requirements, these shelters were kept as simple as possible to avoid risk of collapse. Making do with scraps of wood, carpet, metal, mortar, and bricks, survivors no longer dream of building beautiful abodes. As they rebuild, rumors of hidden meeting places pass from one to another and that the famous architect Howard Brady may have survived the explosion.

Your sim decides to fix the situation and embarks on a career path to restore the beauty and utility of well built architecture to the region so that sims everywhere may have spectacular homes.


    • Sims may not purchase anything with an environment score over 3
    • Sims may not purchase anything with a comfort score over 4
    • Sims may not purchase buy mode objects over $1000 in price
    • Sims may not have any but the cheapest appliances available.
    • Sims may only have the cheapest fireplace available and they may only have one on the lot at any given time.
    • Sims may not use any curtains, rugs or picture frames.
    • Decorative build items (flooring, wall covering, fences, etc) must be the most basic, least expensive options.
    • Sims may not paint paving stones on the lot
    • Sims may only use the Survival Window.
    • The only item from the Decorative tab that may be placed is the cheapest mirror.
    • You may build up to the maximum level of basements- 4 levels.
    • You may not build on more than three floors above ground. You may have an accessible flat roof and place items there, and you may have a roof supported by posts above that to comply with Music restrictions. Basements do not count against this rule, but driveways do. If you have a driveway placed, it counts as the first floor of your building.
    • Houses must be supported by at least four stilts or foundation materials.
    • You may not use building cheats. MoveObjects may only be used to fix glitches.
    • Only Sims currently in the Architecture or Stylist careers may use the Drafting Table.

Once a great architect rises in the family, blueprints are drawn up to create safer homes for the survivors. With the construction company the architect started up, sights are set on rebuilding the community areas damaged by the catastrophe. While the region is being rebuilt, Howard Brady reveals himself to the public; bringing with him his engineering prowess. Together with the newly arrived City Planner, the region begins to make use of the quality building supplies stashed at formerly secret locations. The Architecture Restrictions are lifted.


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