Making Money in 2020

I am going to try to participate in the challenges over at Carl’s Sims during 2020.  I am going to track my participation in updates that will post after each challenge ends since I tend […]

Sharebears Legacy

Sharber Legacy, Chapter 5

With another baby on the way, it is time to expand the house once again. I am actually really proud of myself for the building and decorating. While the original house was a download, all […]

Boolprop EPIC

Odyssey: Serving the Public, Chapter 1

Elizabeth enrolls in the Distinguished Psychology program at Foxbury and scheduled herself for four classes.  Thankfully, she will be attending only two classes per day.  On Monday-Wednesday-Friday she will have the Brain as a Machine […]

Sharebears Legacy

Sharber Legacy, Chapter 4

Scarlet hears Sofie crying and, damn it is too early to get up already. #wokeuplikethis José continues his work upgrading the various objects in the house. He also got up too early. That is what […]

Sharebears Legacy

Sharber Legacy, Chapter 3

Scarlet and José get a good night’s sleep, and she wakes up knowing what it is that she wants to do with her life. Other than founding a legacy to span the generations. Scarlet decides […]

Sharebears Legacy

Sharber Legacy, Chapter 2

After starting the legacy and playing through the first few days, I decided to go back and read the legacy rules.  It has been several years since I last played a legacy and there have […]

Sharebears Legacy

Sharber Legacy, Chapter 1

As I was piddling around today, I read through the rules for the Sharebear Legacy for the first time.  This is a legacy collaboration over at Carl’s where everyone starts with the same founder and […]

Secret Santa

Secret Santa, Boolprop 2019

Today we received our Secret Santa gifts, and I love what I got.  Jcampbell created a special family and built them a house to live in Sulani.  Korbin and Brynn Christmas have a toddler daughter, […]