Baby Boomer 2015

Baby Boomer 2015

How many kids can one couple have in just six weeks? It’s one of the toughest challenges of the season: quickly fulfill the necessary requirements to age the kids up and get them moved out so mom can continue getting pregnant.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create two Young Adult Sims.
  • Mom and dad must live in the same household and no moving.
  • All children must be the result of natural pregnancy of mom (no adoption).
  • The only household additions allowed are offspring of mom and dad.
  • All adult Aspirations (including the ones of your starting two Sims) must be unique—if you have more than 22 children then you would be allowed to repeat.
  • If your mom dies, then continue with the dad until he turns Elder. If your dad dies before turning Elder, you are done with the challenge. Tally up your score at that point.
  • No life extension methods are allowed for dad.
  • This challenge ends when dad has his Elder birthday.

Aging Children Up Early and Moving Them Out:

  • A Baby may only be aged up early if both parents are Good Friends with the baby.
  • A Child may only be aged up early if they complete an Aspiration (does not need to be unique).
  • A Teen may only be aged up early if they max a skill (does not need to be unique, but cannot be a childhood skill).
  • Only Young Adults and Adults can be moved out and these Sims can only be moved out if they have completed a unique Aspiration.


Scoring is based on how many Young Adult/Adult offspring have been moved out. Points are also awarded for any remaining household members when your father turns Elder.

YA + Parents — For each Young Adult/Adult that has moved out as well as for both starting Sims (assuming they both completed unique Aspirations) award yourself 3 points.
YA / Teen — For each Young Adult or Teen that in the house at the end of the challenge award yourself 2 points. If a parent did not complete a unique Aspiration they would also be scored at 2 points.
Baby / Child — For each Baby or Child in the household at the end of the challenge award yourself 1 point.

Total — Add up the three different categories of Sims. I’ll walk you through an example.

Example: Your father has turned Elder, so it’s time to stop playing your file. At this point you have moved out 15 Young Adults and all of them have completed unique Aspirations as well as your mom and dad. You also have 1 Young Adult still in the household, 1 Teen, 2 Children, and 1 Baby.

15 Young Adults moved out + mom and dad completing their unique Aspirations = 17 X 3 = 51.
1 YA in the household = 2.
1 Teen in the household = 2.
2 Children in the household = 2 (1 X 2).

Total = 51 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 57.

Here is a spreadsheet from LenaLJ to make scoring a little easier. Thank you, Lena. :)


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