Baby Boomer V: Location, Location, Location!

Baby Boomer V: Location, Location, Location! – ended February 28, 2014

As with all Baby Boomer challenges in the past the ultimate goal is to have as many kids as possible and to get them out of the house quickly to make room for more. But, this year we thought we’d add a fun new twist and make the various different places the mom can get pregnant a scoring component too.

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create 2 Young Adult Human Sims. Pets made in CAS are fine too.
  • Everybody in the household must remain Human life state for the entire challenge.  Life state doesn’t matter after they have been kicked out.
  • Your starting two Sims are the only Sims allowed to Try For Baby. They can only Try For Baby with each other — no other Sims.
  • Your starting two Sims must always live together.
  • No moving.
  • No Inappropriate or Irresistible trait.
  • No Heat of the Moment kiss for teens.
  • No Genie Lamp.
  • No vacation/future travel/University.
  • No Drinking or Throwing Elixirs.
  • No Coffee Beans or Herbs.
  • No adding to the household except for pets and Try for Baby offspring (no adoptions or cloning).
  • No boarding school for kids.
  • Photography is banned.
  • No Time Machine.
  • No tutoring a child.
  • Butlers, Bonehilda, SimBots, and Plumbots are banned.
  • Maids and Babysitters are okay.
  • As soon as an offspring reaches Young Adult, they can be kicked out of the house.
  • Only Young Adult can be kicked out / moved out of the house, nobody else.
  • If a social worker takes any child away it’s game over. Total your score at that point and post in this thread.
  • If anyone in your household dies it’s game over. Total your score at that point and post in this thread.
  • This challenge ends at Week 4, Day 7, 11:59 PM.

You are only allowed to cake up the kids if..

  • Baby Stage: The baby is best friends with both parents.

*Toddler Stage: The toddler learns all 3 toddler skills.

*Child: The Child’s school grade is an A and has a unique Best Friend outside the household. If a given Child is claiming Sim A as their unique Best Friend for the caking up requirement, then no other Sim can have Sim A as a Best Friend.

*Teen: The Teen’s school grade is an A and has a unique Romantic Interest.


This Baby Boomer is scored on the number of Sims in your Family Tree plus a multiplier is added for different locations where the mom became pregnant. Only products of your starting two Sims can be scored. Accidental kids from an alien cannot be scored and must be immediately returned to their home world.

Family Tree. Open up one of your starting two Sims’ Family Tree tab and count the number of Sims below your starting pair. Give yourself 1000 points for each Sim underneath your starting pair (do not score your starting two Sims).

Location. Give yourself a bonus for every different place where the mom becomes pregnant (i.e. bed and shower are two different places). Listen for the lullaby jingle. Note: The Try For Baby object must be different. So, if you use a bed on one lot and also use a bed on a different lot, you do not get credit for two different places because they are the same object. Also: For a Location score to count the mom must actually have a birth as a result of that Location’s Try For Baby.

Lullaby Jingle Clarification:  Sometimes the jingle doesn’t play, it is up to the player to know how to determine if the mom is pregnant in that particular location in order to count the “location” score.

Everyone starts with a Location multiplier of 1.00. Add 5% (.05) to the multiplier for every different location where the mom gets pregnant.

Write down all places where your mom gets pregnant in case the team needs to verify.

Example: You get to Week 4, Day 7, 11:59 PM and pause your game. You open up your Family Tree and count 21 different Sims underneath your two starting Sims.

21 X 1000 = 21,000

You also have kept track of your mom getting pregnant in 5 different places.

5 X .05 = .25

1.00 + .25 = 1.25 for the final multiplier

Total = 21,000 X 1.25 = 26,250



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