Basil, Martial Arts Master

Basil, Deena, and Smirnoff spend 11 days in China.  During that time they each mastered Martial Arts and Athletics and become Timber Terminators.

Basil also became a Marathon Runner, Fitness Nut, and won title of Grand Master, which also completed his lifetime wish.

Smirnoff finally finishes up all the adventures in China.  She even manages to defeat a mummy thanks to all of her training but not before losing to one and then getting cursed by another.

Deena and Basil had a little time to spare waiting on Smirnoff and got themselves into a little trouble.

Coming home, Smirnoff reconstructs her sarcophagus and discovers it is a Blessed Sarcophagus of the Kings and it heals her curse.

While Basil discovers a double surprise waiting for him.


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