Birthday Cakes

Juliana has rescinded her rule of no birthday cakes.  Today there will be a two birthday cakes

  • Aiden: Today is his birthday, so he will blow out his candles and then be the first to move out of the house.

  • Grace: She has learned all of her toddler skills and will be growing up also.

  • Aiden takes a quick class to learn the guitar and is only waiting on graduation ceremonies before moving out.

  • While the rest of the boys do their homework.  The question is whether any of them have time to make the honor roll before graduating.  Only Benjamin has a romantic interest however, the other boys are going to begin looking.

  • Felicia finishes up her homework while Emma eats breakfast.

  • Graduation Day

  • And the entire family of eight squeezes into one cab.

  • Aiden graduates with Highest Honor and was selected as Class Valedictorian. He was voted Most Likely to Take Over the World.  Aiden’s collection of trophies also include two prom pictures, art club painting and art show participation award, newspaper club award, and a scouting award.

  • After Aiden’s graduation, the family rushes back to the school for Emma’s ballet recital.

  • If not for the ZZZ’s I would be thinking roadkill.  Maybe sleeping in the street isn’t the smartest thing.

  • Grace presides over her royal court.

  • Caleb reads Felicia to sleep.

  • Aiden moves out.


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