Bordeaux, Generation 2.1

Riesling joins the Entertainer career and adds guitar to her skills.

09-07-14_4-45 PM09-07-14_4-45 PM-2

Just a butt shot to see if it expands or not over the years.

09-07-14_5-45 PM

My very first old age death.  Rest in Peace Rose.

09-07-14_6-36 PM 09-07-14_6-36 PM-2

Socializing with Grim

09-07-14_6-41 PM

Woohoo was fruitful, Riesling is multiplying.

09-07-14_8-03 PM

Telling the baby daddy.

09-07-14_8-06 PM

Not sure if he is happy or not.

09-07-14_8-06 PM-2

Another butt shot.

09-07-14_8-54 PM

And she is pregnant, which means the pregnancy wasn’t obvious from behind.

09-07-14_8-54 PM-2

So into the matriarchy a boy is born.  Beaune (pronounced bone) is the wrong gender and won’t be an only child.

09-07-14_9-21 PM

Breastfeeding without the censor blur.  So cute!

09-07-14_9-23 PM 09-07-14_9-23 PM-2

Requisite crying baby picture

09-07-14_9-41 PM

Baby number two

09-07-14_9-49 PM

Breastfeeding while pregnant

09-07-14_10-12 PM

Beaune leaves the bassinet.

09-07-14_10-29 PM

And walks in on something he didn’t want to see.  This must mean the second pregnancy was also not a girl.

09-08-14_5-03 AM

Spending time with daddy.

09-08-14_5-17 AM

Pregnant (again) Riesling and baby Bacchus.

09-08-14_5-19 AM

Pregnant Riesling mentoring Beaune’s violin.

09-08-14_5-20 AM

Beaune (left) and Bacchus (right)

09-08-14_5-33 AM

Sharing the social bear.

09-08-14_5-39 AM

Napping at the table, still pregnant.

09-08-14_1-06 PM

Baby daddy and baby number three – Brut.  Not a girl.

09-08-14_1-09 PM

The three brothers playing with two cribs?

09-08-14_2-22 PM

The three brothers line dancing.

09-08-14_2-23 PM

Daddy spending time with his boys.

09-08-14_5-57 PM


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