Caleb Jones

Who’s Your Daddy?

  • Chad Luck
    • Film
    • 0 Star Celebrity
    • Libra
    • Flirty / Dislikes Children / Social Butterfly / Party Animal / Commitment Issues


  • Heavy Sleeper
  • Loves the Outdoors
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Athletic
  • Brave

Firefighter Super Hero


  • Baby daddy number three is Chad Luck, who just happens to be dating Karen Kerman now.  She gets around almost as much as Juliana.  Of course, Chad plays a little more hard to get and Juliana has to track him down at his place.

  • As soon as the chimes are heard, Juliana heads off to China before anyone can stop her.  She has an opportunity to pursue to learn some secret techniques to improve her athletics.  She also needs to beef up her cash balance so she takes her adventuring tools and makes plans to stay for 15 days.

  • Juliana brings home enough souvenirs from China to sell that allows her to quit working and focus on the babies.

  • As her life has now become, Juliana spends her time at home teaching potty, talking, and walking skills.

  • A rare happening for both toddlers to be asleep at the same time.  Juliana slips off for some much needed sleep herself.


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