Candy Fruit, Gen One, Chapter 2

Perfect Children

Ha! Well that can only mean this will be all about the children.  Not only do they have to be perfect, there has to be a lot of them.  Citron starts off the show, and he worries me.




During this time Connor does something good, reaches level 10 in writing maybe?  He still isn’t level 10 in his career so it would have to be his skill but apparently it wasn’t important enough to write it down but he was allowed to eat and I took a picture. 🙂


Connor and Candy spend their time working hard at their chosen professions when they are not taking care of the baby.



Once Citron has completed his toddler training, skill learning, and book reading, he spends his last two days swinging.  There is a simple reason for this.  The family only has one baby bed and the house is a little crowded…



Someone got a little excited and ordered baby number two early.  Clementine joined the family before Citron aged up meaning there were two toddlers vying for the one baby bed.


I was trying to time it so there would only be one child in the house in the baby bed at a time.  But I realized I have slightly miscalculated and Candy didn’t quite have that kind of time since the plan was to have her pop out the fifth child as the heir.  And I got impatient.  So we had an overlap.  But Citron became a child and we had to option to choose his trait.  It was rolled for randomly since he is not the heir and will be revealed at a later point.


Clementine followed the same pattern as Citron and only took two pictures outside of her potty picture.



Candy was late getting pregnant with baby number three so Clementine aged to child before the birth and then promptly wet her pants.



Which brings us to Kumquat.



Candy finally mastered painting as a skill, I believe.


At the same time, Connor had Kumquat at the library doing her reading.  They were too close to finishing to go home so they just crashed for awhile until they got their second wind.  This included dirty clothes, messing their pants, whatever they needed to do, they cleaned up when they were done.



Kumquat has finally earned a reprieve.


And the next child has been ordered and is being delivered…


From the look on Connor’s face, I do believe there is trouble brewing…


From the look on Candy’s face, I think she forgot to tell him they were adopting again…


Tangerine’s potty picture


Citron is finally a teenager.


The household is working hard…  Tangerine and Kumquat find places to sleep, neither of which is in the baby bed.



Kumquat becomes a child and it is time to start working on the last baby.


The only problem is that Connor is still angry with Candy about the surprise adoption of Tangerine.  Seriously, their relationship dropped significantly over the past week, although I can’t truly say it was because of that but the timing was interesting.  It took a full day to get them back up enough to where he would accept a woohoo from her.  He would accept everything except try for baby.





Kumquat, seriously.  On the street?  I am not working you that hard!



Tangerine finishes her skilling and stuff and she gets to play instead of being consigned to the swing.  With two adults and a teen in the house, it is hard to keep a toddler in the swing without someone taking them out or swinging them on fast and making them sick anyways.


Just to show that they do get treated nicely, some down time after they have completed their skills and homework.


Even the teens get to have some play time and in the background you can see the toddler playing.


Clementine has her birthday and becomes a teen and now there are two.


Following her the next day, Tangerine becomes a child.  This leaves only the heiress …



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