Candy Fruit, Gen One, Chapter 3

Emptying the Nest

We finally get to see the heiress, or do we…

Citron is officially a perfect child.  For the record as a toddler they are taught to walk and talk and use the potty, read all nine of the skill books, and max out the pegboard and the xylophone.  As a child they must make the honor roll and participate in either scouts or ballet.  I never figured out exactly how to tell what level they are so they just sign up on their first day as a child and participate until they received the last award that clears the activity from their career screen.  As a teen they must learn to drive, participate in two activities in the same fashion, and work in a part-time job reaching level 3.  Goodbye Citron!

  • Citron Fruit
  • Good, Athletic, Brave, Childish, Technophobe
  • Be a Professional Athlete



We next had an eventful birthday with lots of self peeing.  Kumquat became a teen…


… and Tangerine had an accident.


Candy grew old in the library all alone, because you only get a cake for your birthday if you are a perfect child and I want to to grow up and move out.



I finally gave in and began tutoring the children to make the honor roll happen faster.  I was letting the game take its course but by the time Candy became an elder I was ready to get on to the next generation and my notes were getting long and complicated.  I should have been doing it all along but whatever.


Connor is two days younger than Candy because, well just because of that lovely game mechanic that randomly changes a new CAS sims age when they are placed in game in the beginning.  But whatever.


Yeah, another one has grown up and moved out.  Bye bye Clementine…

  • Clementine Fruit
  • Neat, Good, Proper, Artistic, Virtuoso
  • Master of the Arts


Kumquat becomes a teen, learns to drive, and gets her tutoring.



It is time for another house.  This one is falling apart.  Everything needs to be repaired, every single day.  They have the repairman in speed dial. Seriously, all of these items broke within 30 minutes of each other.  I am beginning to think the broken item sound is really the game music.







Connor realized he really needed to continue his writing if he was ever going to reach the top of his career so he buckled down and finally made it happen.


Kumquat is not impressed the idea of being perfect.  She has other plans for her life and they don’t include books or school.


Tangerine was so not impressed with Kumquat’s idea of a new hairstyle for her.


For the first time since it was introduced, the game has finally asked if one of my unmarried sims wanted to go on a date.  Kumquat jumped at the chance.


During the weekly parties they keep inviting Citron. Each time he comes he is heartbroken over the death of a different elderly woman.  O.o


I think this is the best part of the parties.  I throw them just for the free food.  My favorite is the feast party.  As soon as the food is put down I stick it in the refrigerator. 🙂


Candy decides to help out Citron and try to distract him from his obsession with older women.  She encourages him to make a pass at the maid.


Which he does, and she accepts.  Of course, Citron leaves immediately afterwards, no longer friends with Candy.


Number three is grown and gone.  Say good bye to Kumquat.

  • Kumquat Fruit
  • Flirty, Excitable, Friendly, Easily Impressed, Hopeless Romantic
  • Heartbreaker


And number four is out of the door.  So long Tangerine!

  • Tangerine Fruit
  • Brave, Athletic, Disciplined, Bookworm, Artistic
  • Physical Perfection




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