Candy Fruit, Gen One, Chapter 4

The Unveiling

We finally meet our last child, the heiress, Mandarin Fruit.



Mandarin had the typical perfect life you would expect as the youngest of five.  She learned to walk and talk and use the potty.


She learned her shapes and colors and to play the xylophone.


She learned to let everyone know when she wanted something, excuse me, needed something.


She learned how to hide when she wanted some peace and quiet, and peace and quiet was hard to find in their small house with all five children sharing one bedroom.


Eventually Mandarin became a big girl.


Well, she still needed practice in some areas…


Now she practiced baking and played with her blocks and took ballet.


Candy tutored her so she would be ready for school.


She was so busy that sometimes she felt she just couldn’t make it through the day without a nap.


She and Candy are extremely close. Every time I turn around Candy is hugging her.  She can’t get anything done sometimes unless Candy is distracted by something shiny.


On their fall holiday the family heads to the park for a fun day out.  Sadly it starts to rain and everyone heads home except for Candy and Mandarin.  However, as they are coming out of the Haunted House it begins to hail.  Candy insists they cut their day short and go home too.


As a consolation, Candy gives Mandarin all of the tickets they collected.


They have to talk about it because it still on Mandarin’s mind.


This must be when Mandarin accepts her fate to join the military.  This was a good dream she decided.




Mandarin is finally a teen…


… and Candy’s lifetime is completed. (which makes me believe the picture of Connor in the earlier chapter that I was not quite sure about was him completing his lifetime wish)


Mandarin learns to drive and has her last round of tutoring, which is good since it decides to snow for the entirety of her high school days.  She contends with snow days throughout her remaining teen age.


Knowing that I wanted Mandy in a different house I went shopping. Unfortunately every house was full, thanks to story progression.  But then the message popped up that Agnes had passed, yay.  So I paused the game and checked her house, and nope she never married so the house was empty.  Candy and family promptly moved to their new home.


Candy and Connor spend their days dancing.  Sometimes together, sometimes not.




Mandy makes a friend with the previous tenant and learns to make a snowman.



Just days before Mandy becomes a young adult, Connor passes, leaving only Candy and Mandy.


Candy decides she isn’t going to sleep in the master bedroom any longer and moves into the small bedroom with Mandy.



Which brings us to Mandy’s birthday!  It is time for Mandy to take over with generation 2.



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