Cat Cosy: Day 1


  • NRaas Story Progression + Expanded + Extra
  • NRaas Master Controller + Cheats + Progression
  • NRaas Decensor
  • NRaas Overwatch
  • Nona Breastfeed Baby
Expansions / Stuff Packs / Store Items / Custom Content:
  • All expansions through Seasons
  • All stuff packs through Diesel
  • Most of the existing store items
  • Zero custom content

Set Up:

  • Winter
  • Full Moon


  • Hopelessness
  • Medical

Naming the Founder:

  • A TV trope
    • “Cosy Catastrophe” is a term coined by Brian Aldiss. The End of the World as We Know It has arrived and … our heroes feel fine. Sure, it’s a pity for all those billions who just perished at the hands of super-plague/aliens/nuclear war. But for our safe, middle-class, (usually) white heroes, it means a chance to quit their day job, steal expensive cars without feeling guilty, sleep in a five-star hotel for free, and relax while the world falls apart around them. Maybe things weren’t as good as they were in The Beforetimes, but all in all, life is still enjoyable.
    • Maybe later they’ll band together to recreate a humble yet sustainable pretechnological society. Maybe, if they’re of mixed genders, they’ll see it as their duty to repopulate the species. Maybe they’ll just learn to accept the extinction of the human race with quiet dignity. Either way, the end of the world shouldn’t be the … end of the world, so to speak.

It’s The End of the World as We Know It, and I feel fine. 
~R.E.M., “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” 


  • Brave
  • Loves the Cold
  • Workaholic
  • Genius
  • Ambitious

Week 1, Day 1

  • Built her new home
  • Moved into her new home
  • Picked up three books on cooking
  • Met, befriended, and got engaged to Lennon Sosa
  • Home by 5:01 pm
  • Reached level 1 logic from reading
  • Ate canned soup
  • Slipped past the zombies


  • 8×8 Ground – Stairs up to Floor #1 / Stairs down to Basement #1
  • 8×8 Floor #1 – Bookcase, Desk, & Computer / Mirror, Toilet, & Sink / Refrigerator & Trash / Chess Table
  • 8×8 Basement #1 – Bed / Hamper


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