Proud of Darkness, Chapter 28

Because Earl and Malice have trouble staying flirty, they had to move their dates into the bedroom with two flirty objects that are turned on. Malice and Earl are working their way through the dates required for Soulmate when Billie just barges into the bedroom. She realizes her mistake and quickly leaves. But that damage […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 27

Missing from the last chapter was an introduction to the newest family member, Desire. Malice was hoping Desire would take after Earl, but she didn’t. She is a vampire, not an alien. So, once again, plans change. Venom doesn’t understand his place in this family. He isn’t like them in many ways. He just doesn’t […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 26

Hayley goes into labor to start off this update so it will be interesting to see how this works because I don’t think they are supposed to get pregnant while they are employed. Hayley passes out as I continue to watch her.  She isn’t leaving and she isn’t delivering. Malice decides to fire Hayley and […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 23

Malice is the victim of the deleted CC hair. But that is okay because she gets a different hair style as a replacement. She finishes eating her chicken nuggets before Raven can get to the plate. Malice found the new baby in the nursery and she is pissed.  She doesn’t understand why they needed another […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 22

Malice welcomes you back by complaining about the cats on the counter.  Deal with it. Vanity cleaned herself up in the rain, apparently, as she isn’t all burnt looking any more. Lilith stops by for some time with Vanity, in the thunderstorm. Since Vanity just finished with the final upgrades to the Vanity-Ray, she decides […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 21

Will Vanity ever reach level 10 Scientist? Avarice needs more promotions. Larceny needs more promotions. Malice needs more skills. Fiona doesn’t waste any time becoming an elder.  Vanity still has a few special treats in her inventory. Raven makes sure any, and all visitors know exactly how welcome they are. Malice wakes up from her […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 20

Avarice makes sure that Twinkle has been fed so that she doesn’t feed on the wrong sim. Vanity heads into the kitchen to make some french toast for the littlest monster.  Raven assumes that means the food is for her, but it isn’t.  Avarice calls Raven so she leaves the kitchen and gives Malice a […]