Proud of Darkness, Chapter 19

Larceny has received a reprieve and will be working on the Journalism career (Writer/Journalist – Scribe of History).  He looks eerily ethereal in this picture. Avarice and Larceny have a “normal” dinner.  Neither one has a withered stomach so they can both either “normal” food. Avarice begins the process of building her vampire family… she […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 18

With Avarice becoming a young adult, it is time to update the plan for world domination.  Vanity is currently level 8 Scientist and plans on continuing in the Scientist career until she reaches level 10.  Hopefully this will be soon.  Then, she will switch over to Politics with the goal of becoming the National Leader.  She […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 16

Hmm, I wonder what they could be fishing for? Tempting, but no.  Although Vanity probably should have said yes. Another good day at work although it doesn’t come with a promotion. Vanity contacts aliens and starts a neighborhood hivemind. She also has a really filling drink from a coworker. Back home the kids take turns […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 15

Vanity starts the second unintentional fire. -50 points, thanks Vanity. But just the one fire – and she picked up a death metal and a new gnome.  Otherwise, just a bunch of crap. The living room will get a little change – mainly the coffee table is getting down-sized to a little corner table for […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 14

Cache finds the new cat, whose name I can’t remember because it isn’t CATASTROPHY. Turtle, the cat’s name is Turtle.  I went and looked it up.  Cache gives Turtle some love. Downstairs Vanity is making wellness treats because even though Turtle and Catastrophy are here to occupy the pet cemetery, they are going to be […]

Proud of Darkness, Chapter 12

Vanity didn’t time her meals out right, and there is no one on the streets except other vampires.  It is too late to call for delivery, and the repairman is still repairing things, so she doesn’t want to interrupt him – there is a lot that still needs to be repaired.  So, that leaves Yuki.  […]