Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 17

Don is still trying to complete the Bodybuilder aspiration.  He is at 77% on fitness but because he is an elder, he can’t overdo the exercise at any given time because it is too strenuous. Marshmallow was stuck and I finally realized it and reset him.  I guess he had his tail stuck in the […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 16

Tulip gets things started with her age bar bubbling and a birthday cake.  She isn’t able to blow out the candles the first time, but that could be because Hatch decided to walk between her and the cake. There, the candles are blown out, and Tulip is becoming a teen. I just realized that her […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 13

Tulip celebrates a successful trip to the potty and heads out to the dollhouse to knock the imagination skill out of the park. There she is – the last top-notch toddler of this challenge.  Get out of her way because she smells the bacon. Spring continues to cook and so far hasn’t started any more […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 12

Even though it is the middle of the night, the potty training has begun.  Anything to avoid changing a diaper. But, nothing is done with privacy.  Ham wakes up and he comes to watch.  He is also still needing to master thinking and imagination, so he will be watching for awhile. Peeps also comes to […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 11

Stella is still trying to finish that mobile app and then she will be done with programming and moving on to another skill. Peeps is still getting pets from someone – there is always someone willing to pet him. Spring is on baby duty today with Tulip. Ham asked Don to read him a story […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 10

Don catches Peeps drinking out of a puddle and he lectures him about it.  They hope to train Peeps with good habits. Peeps is very upset about being lectured though and Don has to calm him down afterwards.  Don and Peeps are friends now. April is called over to clean up the puddle.  This is […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 9

The first thing the family does when they wake up Saturday morning, is head for the park.  The girls need to work on their outdoor badges and that is easiest done with fishing.  It has been awhile since anyone has left the lot, so the entire family goes.  For the record, no one is happy […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 8

Good not-morning Sunshine. April wakes up starving so she is given some fake tortellini that is about to spoil and sent to the potty until she masters it (twice, because she was close) and then back to bed, because it is not morning. While trying to get April back to bed, Spring wakes up and […]