Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 6

Spring wakes up in a very good mood because of the nightlights.  There are seven of them in her room. She is quickly becoming a happy toddler and plays with her toys until Don finishes eating breakfast.  One toddler is so easy. After eating breakfast, Don reads her a story before he leaves for work.  […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 5

Stella looked over the list of Easter Eggs and she decides that she is going to work on the skills next.  There is only one career involved and she will do that later.  Right now, she plans on spending time building some skills.  The skills that she needs to learn or master are video gaming, […]

Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 4

I lost the love for playing this file and was trying to decide what to do with Stella. There wasn’t a specific challenge once she completed the StrangerVille Mystery so it was just directionless play and even the triplets weren’t pulling me back in. Then came the Easter Egg Challenge. This means Stella gets a […]