Bye Bye, Miss American Pie (Chapter 17)

The first thing Molly does when she gets home is check on Carrie. The triplets are delayed in starting school because it is snowing.  The adults each take a girl and tutor them while they are home from school. The triplets become teens.  Natasha becomes ambitious, Olivia is eccentric, and Pepper is unstable. Make three […]

Hey There, Boo Bear (Chapter 11)

Rather than accidentally killing Emilie, she switches careers to Law Enforcement.  She will be taking the Forensics track while Molly takes the Special Agent track. Since this generation is going into Rock Music, Sculpting, and Firefighting, there isn’t a lot of skilling to be done yet.  The good thing is the family should be able […]

Hey There, Boo Bear (Chapter 9)

Emilie is still working on those last few fish and mastering her fishing skill.  Which she will never use again after today. Tuna Tragic Clownfish Anchovy Red Herring Sea Bat Starfish Minnow Goldfish Jellyfish Rainbow Trout Toad Luminous Salamander Siamese Catfish and finally, Alley Catfish Forgot to turn off zombies.  Hmm Oskar decides to play […]