2020.6 Science Invitational

Challenge 6 is all about the Science career. This is one of my favorite careers for starting a new legacy. In this case, the challenge is to see what can be accomplished in just two […]

2020 Challenges

2020.5 Hobos to Heroes

Challenge #5 is a runaway teens style challenge Hobos to Heroes March 30 to April 19, 2020 Goal: The goal is to take 3 Teens from Hobo status to Hero Status. Scoring Hero Status: Earn […]

2020 Challenges

2020.4 Pancakes Triumphant

Challenge #4 is the invasion of the Pancakes. Pancakes Triumphant March 9 – 29, 2020 Goal: The goal is to place a Pancakes child of Bob and Eliza in each house in Willow Creek. There […]

2020 Challenges

2020.2 Townie Skill-a-Thon

This is the second challenge in the Tournament at Carl’s Forums for 2020. Townie Skill-a-Thon January 27 – February 16, 2020 Goal: The Sims we create are great at maxing skills on their own, but […]

2020 Challenges

2020.1 Making Money in 2020

I am going to try to participate in the challenges over at Carl’s Sims during 2020.  I am going to track my participation in updates that will post after each challenge ends since I tend […]

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Rival Dynasty

TS4 Rival Dynasty Rules

The Sims 4 Rival Dynasties Challenge Goal This is your chance to play Klingons vs. Vulcans vs. Ferengi. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to see how the Altos would do versus the Bagleys and the […]

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Ten-Gen Dynasty

TS4 Ten-Gen Dynasty Rules

The Ten-Gen Townie Dynasty Challenge Goal Your goal is to produce a Sim who is the descendant of 10 different families living in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and other Sim towns. You’ll start with a […]