Summernesse, a Sims 2 Build a City Challenge

I have this marked as completed on September 18, 2008 – however, this is the post found through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.  The points shown would be have meant that I did not complete the challenge.  …still looking… Households: 18 Playable Sims: 98 Community Lots: 16 Business Districts: 2 Universities: 1 Downtown: No Sim […]

Trek Universe *Completed 5/7/07

A Sims 2 Legacy, thought to be lost forever… sassytxbrat – The Trek Familysassytxbrat – The Trek Family, Redheads?sassytxbrat – The Trek Family, Kids Kids and more Kidssassytxbrat – The Trek Family, No more Kids pleasesassytxbrat – The Trek Familysassytxbrat – The Trek Family, Chapter 6 Romance is in the Airsassytxbrat – The Trek Family, […]