Zylen Miles

Generation 15 – Back to the Beginning Heir: Zylen Miles Loves the Outdoors Friendly Handy Angler Green Thumb Surrounded by Family Spouse: Juliet Verona Great Kisser Bookworm Excitable Hopeless Romantic Artistic Leader of the Free World Children Zane Zoey Zack Zale Zara Updates Zylen moves into the largest empty house in Barnacle Bay overlooking the […]

Lucy Miles

Generation 14: All About College Heiress: Lucy Miles Avant Garde Genius Good Ambitious Friendly Major Master College Boyfriend #1: Tiberius Willard College Boyfriend #2 and Baby Daddy: Brendan Kavanaugh College Degree: Technology Career: Game Developer Comments: Lucy leaves college with a degree in Technology, Nerd level 6, Jock level 2, and Rebel level 2, straight […]

Ariel Miles

Generation 13: Ghost Hunter / Time Travel / Bots Heiress: Ariel Miles Brave Night Owl Genius Eccentric Childish Paranormal Profiteer Spouse: Jade Zogg Hates the Outdoors Ustable Commitment Issues Party Animal Grumpy The Emperor of Evil Bella Goth: Light Sleeper Charismatic Avant Garde Hopeless Romantic Ambitious Friendly Super Popular Robin Goth: Flirty Great Kisser Irresistible […]

Briar Miles

Generation 12: Medical/Science/Alien Heiress: Briar Miles Good Genius Bookworm Handy Natural Cook Scientific Specialist Alexander Cross Workaholic No Sense of Humor Eccentric Genius Ambitious Computer Whiz Renaissance Sim Experiments Caspian Miles (child of Briar and Alexander Miles) Good Athletic Loves to Swim Eccentric Loser Renaissance Sim Aurora Miles (clone of Briar Miles) Handy Natural Cook […]

Caryl Miles

Generation 11: Rock Star Heiress: Caryl Miles Star Quality Irresistible Virtuoso Genius Eccentric Rock Star Spare: Daryl Miles Good Sense of Humor Absent-Minded Rebellious Savvy Sculptor Artistic Descendant of da Vinci Caryl’s Husband: Stein Svard Technophobe Excitable Genius Virtuoso Friendly Rock Star Daryl’s Wife: Angelica Diamond Flirty Loves the Outdoors Excitable Virtuoso Good Super Popular […]

Penny Miles

Generation 10: Politics Heiress: Penny Miles Excitable Clumsy Charismatic Schmoozer Friendly Leader of the Free World Spouse/Divorced: Jayden James Artistic Athletic Light Sleeper Friendly Lucky Perfect Mind, Perfect Body Constituents: Benito Grumpy Evil Friendly Genius Computer Whiz Emperor of Evil Priscilla (moved out with Benito) Perceptive Heavy Sleeper Loner Insane Melissa (moved out with Benito) […]

Jeffrey Miles

Generation 9: Pets Hoarder/Horse Trainer/Imaginary Friend/Unicorn Heir: Jeffrey Miles Loves the outdoors Gatherer Vegetarian Good Animal Lover Animal Rescuer Spouse: Honey Miles (imaginary friend) Daredevil Eccentric Childish Friendly Animal Lover Ark Builder Rug-rat: Penny Clumsy Excitable Friendly Charismatic Schmoozer Leader of the Free World Pets (5 each): Horses Whisky Blossom Baby Ripley (Baby + Cascade […]

Felicity Miles

Generation 8: Service/Military/Journalism/Business/Genie Heiress: Felicity Miles Brave Disciplined Handy Perfectionist Genius Become an Astronaut Spouse: James Reed Brave Family-oriented Bookworm Handy Lucky International Super Spy Swimming in Cash Sister: Janette Miles Athletic Friendly Bookworm Artistic Social Butterfly Illustrious Author Married Dane Heller (genie) Spouse: Dane Keller (genie) Night Owl Photographer’s Eye Party Animal Artistic Angler […]

Adrian Miles

Generation 7: Criminal/Law Enforcement Heir: Adrian Miles Brave Kleptomaniac Athletic Lucky Genius Become a Master Thief Spouse: Piper Sparks Artistic Athletic Ambitious Inappropriate Supernatural Skeptic Become a Superstar Athlete Children: Felicity Miles Brave Disciplined Handy Perfectionist Genius Become an Astronaut Random Pictures Simmers! If you’re interested in writing and/or reading sims stories, participating in fun […]

Willow Miles

Generation 6: In the Spotlight/Celebrity/Acting/Mixologist/Vampire Heiress: Willow Miles Good Sense of Humor Star Quality Excitable Charismatic Friendly Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous Spouse (divorced): Dillon Lawless Good Perceptive Athletic Grumpy Light Sleeper Seaside Savior Perfect Mind, Perfect Body Brooke, Blaire, and Brynn Miles married (2nd wife / divorced) Katrina Pala No kids Vampire Lover: […]