Z Babies

Who’s Your Daddy? Benjamin Schmidt-Jones Education 5 Star Celebrity Sagittarius Brave / Great Kisser / Handy / Charismatic / Friendly / Mermaid / Husband 1 Traits: (Zivah) Friendly Virtuoso Traits: (Zoey) Brave Athletic Traits: (Zelda) Eccentric Genius Hidden Traits Mermaid Nerd Updates: This is it, the final pregnancy.  There will be one more chapter to […]

Yolanda Jones

Who’s Your Daddy? Gregor Planeson Unemployed 0 Star Celebrity Libra Absent-minded / Hates the Outdoors / Workaholic / Great Kisser / Lucky / Future Sim Traits: Eccentric Loves the Outdoors Hidden Traits: Wonderland Sim Nerd Updates: Despite his concerns about the origin of Zavia, Benji is a good father. Juliana messes around with the Time […]

Xavia Jones

Who’s Your Daddy? Eric Bleu Unemployed 0 Star Celebrity Taurus Absent-minded / Genius / Bookworm / Grumpy / Angler / Future Sim Traits: Good Grumpy Hidden Traits: Nerd Updates: With the kids moved out, Juliana and Benjamin quickly move to Sunlit Tides. Goodbye snow!  Sunlit Tides is sunny and hot all year round. And of […]

One Last Move

With all of the kids out of the house, finally, Juliana and Benjamin decide to make “one last move”. First off, Juliana cleans out her inventory and sells everything she can.  Downsizing is the name of this game. Almost time, Benji, almost time…  I swear he poses on purpose so we will know we are […]

Growing up, Moving out

The house is full once again and with the last three babies on the horizon, it is time to clean house and set up the game plan. Tyler spends his free time playing with magic. While Benjamin uses a jar of fairy dust he picked up at the Fairy Gardens. Werewolf spam. Zombie shooter spam. […]

William Jones

Who’s Your Daddy? Victor Bean Unemployed 0 Star Celebrity Leo Brave / Excitable / Athletic / Green Thumb / Ambitious / Fairy Traits: Loner Easily Impressed Rebellious Coward Natural Cook Hidden Traits: Fairy Nerd Celebrated Five-Star Chef Updates: Juliana wastes no time getting the next nooboo on the way.  Victor will be providing fairy DNA. She […]

Virgil Jones

Who’s Your Daddy? Dwayne Wolff Politics 0 Star Celebrity Libra Cant’ Stand Art / Handy / Inappropriate / Ambitious / Lucky / Werewolf Traits: Absent-minded Loves the Cold Loves the Outdoors Slob Artistic Hidden Traits: Nerd Werewolf Master Magician Updates: This is what happens when you leave a man in charge of a baby.  Juliana […]

Upton Jones

Who’s Your Daddy? Troy Francis Unemployed 0 Star Celebrity Pisces Brave / No Sense of Humor / Good / Handy / Hopeless Romantic / Jock / University Traits: Perceptive Excitable Neurotic Diva Party Animal Hidden Traits: PlantSim Alchemy Artisan Updates: The first thing Juliana does when she gets home from University is to call up Troy […]


Isn’t it time to make babies with Benji yet? Sophia actually needed two words to magically learn how to talk. Once she Can talk, she doesn’t Want to talk Happy  Birthday Sophia! And this is why I hate birthday cakes and turn off the sound when they are necessary. Juliana takes Tyler out for a […]

Tyler Jones

Who’s Your Daddy? Flint MacDuff Military 0 Star Celebrity Cancer Absent-Minded / Workaholic/ Handy / Family-oriented / Computer Whiz / Spellcasting / Witch Traits: Absent-minded Brave Genius Loves the Heat Artistic Hidden Traits: Spellcasting Nerd Firefighter Super Hero Updates: The family sold everything that they had accumulated when they moved.  They had bought virtually all of the store […]