Centurian’s Couple’s Challenge

Centurian’s Couple’s Challenge

Very similar to the Centurian’s Solo Challenge, but you’re playing a couple who are restricted to Law Enforcement, the Criminal career or the Music career.


Start with a Young Adult married couple and achieve as much Net Worth and Lifetime Happiness Points as possible in 100 days.


  1. Create 2 new young adult sims (Relationship Link = Spouse) with the lifespan option set to “Long.” Both sims need to be in the same career tract — either Law Enforcement, Criminal, or Music. And after both hit level 5 they need to split off in different tracts. For example, if both are in the Law Enforcement career, then one would pursue International Super Spy, and the other would shoot for Forensic Specialist.
  2. Build a house or move into an existing home — doesn’t matter. Change homes as often as you want.

  3. No cheats or modifications.

  4. Other Notes. Revenue outside the designated careers is fine, but both sims can never quit their job.

  5. The challenge ends at 11:59PM Week 15, Day 2 (the end of 100 days).


Net Worth: This is your Furnished Lot value (top left corner in Build Mode) + Household funds.

Lifetime Happiness Acquired: Hover your cursor over the treasure chest of both sims for their Total Lifetime Happiness Acquired. Add the two numbers together.

Net Worth + Lifetime Happiness Acquired = Total.


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