Cloning Around

Cloning Around

Your starting Sim is the evil genius Dr. Chaos, who plans to destroy the Simiverse from within. The dastardly plot is to clone an unsuspecting member from each of 8 households and move that clone in with its original, along with — gasp! — a Tragic Clown. Mwahaha! Your goal is to make that plot a success, even if you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns).

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create a Human YA in CAS with the traits evil and genius (the 3rd is your choice). Click on the gender customization button and under “Pregnancy”, choose Neither. (It’s come to our attention that the aliens don’t pay attention to the gender customization option, and your male Sim can still return pregnant from an abduction. We suggest you have him build a satellite dish to use for protection.)
  • This Sim will get a job in the Science career and will be able to clone Sims beginning at level 8.
  • Your starting Sim needs to get one DNA sample from 8 different premade households.
  • Your starting Sim also has to have the Tragic Clown painting hanging on a wall.
  • Each clone has to summon a Tragic Clown from the painting and become friendly enough with the TC to ask him or her to move in**.
  • Each clone also has to become best friends with the Sim that he or she was cloned from. Once this happens, the clone can use the “ask to move in” interaction. You’ll move out the clone and clown but keep your starting Sim’s household as the playable household.
  • The game ends when your 8 clones have moved out with their clowns. Your score is the age of your starting Sim at the end.
  • Important: Do not age up using birthday cake – let the game auto age Sim.

**Clones and Clowns are the only acceptable household additions.


This challenge is a speed test and the information you plug into Lena’s Spreadsheet will convert your score to total minutes. You must provide 1) life stage (i.e. Young Adult, Adult, etc); 2) days to age up; and the hour and minutes of your final day after you have finished and pause the game.

Total Minutes — Plug in all the necessary information into Lena’s Spreadsheet and it will automatically give you how many minutes you needed to complete the challenge.


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