Collection Obsession: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Collection Obsession: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Let’s be honest – gamers can be an obsessive bunch. You don’t just want some of a given collection. You want the whole thing. I remember spending every last dime I had on Wacky Packages when I was in grade school to to complete an entire series. So, we’re offering up the perfect opportunity for you to feed that obsession with this challenge. Start collecting!

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • Create two Young Adult Sims.
  • No household additions allowed.
  • No life extension methods are allowed.
  • The only collection items that can be scored are “official” game collections listed at Carl’s Collections Guide.
  • The “Easter Eggs Collection” from April patch does not qualify, cannot be scored as collection items or complete collection.
  • The “Geodes Collection” from GET TO WORK xpac does not qualify, cannot be scored as collection items or complete collection.
  • The Get to Work EP is banned for this event. You may install it, but please avoid the new content – Aspirations, careers, skills, whims, etc.
  • This challenge ends when both Sims have their Elder birthday.


Scoring is a combination of individual collection items as well as a multiplier for complete collections.

Collection Items — Open up either Sim’s Inventory (Press the I key) and then click on the Household Collections icon. All collections listed have a first number and a second number to indicate the ratio of how many items you have found in every collection. Add up all the first numbers in the whole list and award yourself 1 point for each item.

CC Multiplier — If you can assemble a complete collection, then you may add 10% (.10) to your multiplier. Take a look at the top right of the Household Collections tab and look at the Completed Collections number. Take that number and multiply it by 10%.

Total — Take your Collection Items score and multiply it with the Multiplier for your Total. I’ll walk you through an example.

Example: Both of your Sims have turned Elder and now it’s time to stop your file. At this point between the two of them they have amassed 94 Collection Items, including a complete Crystal Collection (20/20), a complete Frog Collection (25/25), and a complete Metal Collection (20/20).

94 Collection Items = 94 points.
Multiplier = 3 complete collections = 3 X 10% = 1.00 + .30 = 1.30

Total = 94 X 1.30 = 122 (always drop any decimals)

Participants are required to take a screenshot after opening their Household Collections tab in case the team needs verification.


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