Comforting Children

Prerequisites – None

“Grandma, look at the picture I painted for you!”

The combination of stress of living in fallout with the lingering radiation in the air has had a terrible effect on the minds of the elderly. Older minds decay faster and senility sets in early and badly. Surviving to elder hood in this new world is both a blessing and a curse.

To lift this restriction, A child sim of the blood line, whilst still a child must embark on the following quest:

  • Reach level 5 in painting before aging up to Teen.
  • Have a Good Friends relationship or better with any elder in the neighborhood before aging up to Teen.
  • Paint a picture of a family member doing something (do this by selecting paint still life and select a member of the household in some daily task as your still life subject) before aging up to Teen.
    • If your parent is an elder and you have a high relationship with them, you can satisfy both the requirement to paint a picture of a family member doing something AND your requirement to paint a portrait of an elder friend at the same time.
  • Reach level 5 in writing before aging up to Young Adult
  • Reach level 10 in painting before aging up to Young Adult
  • Paint a portrait of your sim’s elder good friend before aging up to Young Adult.
  • Reach level 10 in writing before aging up to Adult
  • Paint at least one masterpiece before aging up to Elder.
  • Write at least one Hit and 5 Best Sellers before aging up to Elder.
  • Earn at least 4000 a week in book royalties before aging up to Elder.


    • Once any Sim grows into an elder, you may no longer issue any direct commands to them, nor cancel any of their actions. You may still cancel actions that would otherwise break another restriction (such as playing computer games). You may also direct an elder to quit their job if they happen to miss a day of work with the Master Thief restriction still in effect.
    • Other sims may direct elders by calling them a meal, asking them to watch TV or play chess, cuddle on the bed, etc.

Once a bright and precious child produces a touching portrait of a family member and then goes on to stunning heights of creativity before the detrimental effects of the harsh conditions can squelch their inspirational flame, they help the house’s elderly and all future generations of elders in the family, to shake off the dementia and take a grasp on their sanity. Reading the inspirational childrens’ tales and seeing the amazing illustrations produced by this sim heals the mental and emotional damage done to the minds of the elders. They are slowly helped out of their cloud of senility and brought back to reality by their youthful and young at heart friends. The Comforting Children restriction is lifted.

NOTE: This restriction remains permanently lifted even after the child grows old and dies. This is the ONLY restriction this particular sim is allowed to lift.


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