Cordial, Gen 5 Music, Chapter 1


I was not happy when our parents sent us away from our home in Castle Bay. I had grown up there and it was my home. I had friends and a life and I did not want to start over. Things improved somewhat when we arrived in Monte Vista and found our new house. I was dubious when Mom told us she had a friend who had a house we could use for as long as we wanted. It turned out to be a really great house. There is plenty of room for Jason and me to both live comfortably and it is just outside the city walls with a shortcut through so getting to town is quick.

My goal is to start a band so I want to make friends quickly.

I really lucked into my first band member. David is totally awesome. He is tall and dark and extremely handsome. And he has the chest of awesome, among other things.

Chest . Of . Awesome

I don’t think I made friends though. David and I hit it off so well, we snuck into the bathroom at his friends house and took it up a notch.

Next thing I know we were doing the strut. You know, “The Strut”  She wasn’t real impressed.  And I still don’t know her name.

Of course it might have helped if David would have actually gotten dressed afterwards.

He may not actually play an instrument but he wants to learn to play guitar so I can work with that. He has a roommate that is going to be our third member; actually Jayson is his best friend. Jayson can’t play anything either so I will be working with them on their skills. I think Jayson will learn drums and I will work on piano for now. That just means we need a fourth for the bass. I was so excited with meeting David that I invited him home with me. Apparently Jason had met someone too because he had a girl with him. This is really going to be interesting with all of us living in this one house. It is a good thing it is so big, I just hope it is big enough. Oh yeah, I went ahead and asked David to marry me and move in. We are planning the wedding for this coming weekend.

I know Carly wasn’t too thrilled about leaving Castle Bay but I had suspected there were things going on and, while I will miss Mom and Dad, I am looking forward to this new life. What I hadn’t told anyone was I already knew someone from Monte Vista. Simona and I had met online a few years back and when Mom told us we needed to leave and she knew someone from Monte Vista with a house we could move into, it seemed like fate. As soon as we landed I went over to Simona’s house.

She was just as perfect in person as she had been all these years online. We hit it off quickly and I invited her home.

To my surprise Carly brought home a guy a few minutes later. I didn’t want to delay my plans just because I had witnesses now so I went ahead and proposed to Simona. She even agreed to move in so we could plan the wedding together. As Simona and I are celebrating I realized Carly was proposing too. Our first day in our new home and we have already moved in two new people. Carly is pushing for a double wedding now but I think Simona and I may wait for a little while. I would like to make some progress on my goals and she really wants to learn how to cook. Her desire is to be a world famous chef one day and I know she will do it. Now Carly tells me David’s best friend Jayson is also going to move in within the next few days so they can work on their new band. They asked me to be their fourth but I have plans of my own. I want to be a Rock Star and one day I will succeed. Now there will be five people in this house and apparently only Simona and I will be working a regular paying job. Carly, David, and Jayson are going to be concentrating on their band and a job “will get in the way of their practice time”. I am not sure how long we will be able to make this work but at the moment neither one of us can afford to move out.


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