Cordial, Gen 5 Music, Chapter 2


We have quickly become the Cordial Commune.  While I asked Simona to move in, Carly asked David to move in.  Then David invited his friend Jayson to move in and Jayson brought his dog Ladybug and his girl friend Georgia.  As I expected, the only ones working are Simona and myself.  The others are “working on their band”.

Simona has been working on her cooking.  She loves playing with the wood fire oven I bought her making pepperoni pizza for everyone the first night.  She hasn’t been doing too well at work though.  Apparently when she told me she wanted to be a famous chef, she really meant she wanted to be rich.

Carly threw a party for Snowflake Day and I expected that she and David would get married during the party.  They spent a lot of time talking in the corner but never took the vows.  Instead, surprisingly Jayson and Georgia made their relationship legal.

And Simona and I followed suit and a whim and we are now happily married also.  Carly never would say why she and David didn’t get married also.  She just said she wasn’t ready.


I should have suspected something, but I didn’t.  Later I found out that David’s friend, Nicoletta Lonbardi was actually a “special” friend.  He left to go invite Jayson to move in and stopped off to tell Nicoletta that he just wanted to be friends.  She wasn’t happy with him, and now I understand why she wasn’t happy with us the other day.

He finally caught up with Jayson at Georgia’s house and invited him to move in.  Jayson wasted no time moving in and he brought Ladybug with him.  And then he brought Georgia home to stay.  This has totally become way more than I expected.

Ladybug is a very destructive dog and we are constantly having to scold her for scratching up the furniture.  If it were up to me, she would have a new home already.  But David says I can’t make Jayson get rid of her.  “David says”.

As much as everyone was excited about starting the band it is almost impossible to get everyone to practice.  I am thinking this just isn’t going to work.  Although we did get some practice the other day and then we registered with city hall as “Cherry Cordial”.

Then everything fell apart.  I had planned on getting married at the Snowflake Day party but something just seemed off.  I am so glad now that I didn’t.  You see, not long after the party, I caught David and Jayson spending some “quality” time together.

Needless to say, I broke up with him, kicked them all out, and quit the band.


After Carly kicked David, Jayson, and Georgia out everything finally started to make sense.  I remember accidentally walking into the bathroom one day.  Jayson was taking a bath and David was watching him.  They said they were just talking and whatever, but now I can see there was more whatever than talking.

Carly has locked herself in her room ever since and won’t talk to anyone.  I am really worried about her.  I hope she is okay.


I have spent a lot of time thinking after this disaster.  I have been looking back at who I was in school and why things have fallen apart so quickly.  I have come to the realization that I was trying too hard too fast to reclaim that feeling of belonging.  So it is time now to get back to who I am.  First, I need to get a real job.  Tomorrow I am going to talk to Jason about working at the theater with him.  Oh, I don’t want to be a Rock Star.  I am still really interested in mastering the various instruments.  But I think I would love the Symphony.  I am going to immerse myself in my practicing.  I progressing nicely on the piano and with the guitar but have been letting the bass and drums fall behind.  I just know that once I get back to being the real me things will fall into place.


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