Criminal – Emperor of Evil

Prerequisites – NONE

“Nice place you have. I’d hate to see anything bad happen to it.”

The local organised crime family has taken advantage of the lawlessness in the region to set up a protection racket. Joey “The Comb” and his goons force people to pay hefty sums to ensure nothing “bad” happens to what few possessions they have left. While some try to fight the mob, most just give in and pay.


    • Furnished/Unfurnished Comparison (developed by AudryFld)
      • In buy or build mode, the “unfurnished” value of the house includes such “permanent” fixtures as lights, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and indoor appliances; the “furnished” value includes everything else at its depreciated value. This method does not exclude items bought from the Commissary nor items under $100 in value, but this is balanced by excluding these permanent fixtures.
      • Each week, take the difference between the furnished and unfurnished value of the lot. This is the depreciated value of “buy mode” items. Multiply this by 60% and you have the approximate difference between the original cost of those items and the current value; this is the protection money that must be paid to the mob. Use the family funds cheat to reduce your funds by this amount; if you have insufficient cash, you must delete one or more items until you can pay.
      • Optionally you can exclude the cost of beds if the Fortune Teller – Scam Artist restriction is cleared.
    • Sims may not purchase the Opportunistic or Stone Hearted Lifetime Rewards.

Once a member of the family rises to the top of the underworld, they become part of the ‘family’. While they do not get a cut of the profits, they no longer have to pay any protection money – the Criminal Mastermind restrictions are lifted.


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