Criminal – Master Thief

Prerequisites – NONE

“White hot iron, red hot iron, cold black iron. An iron taste and iron smell, and everywhere an iron sound.” – Bleakhouse

With government regulators unable to enforce fair labour laws and the remaining businesses able to mistreat their workers who are desperate to keep their jobs, standards of employment have gone down the drain.


    • While at work, sims may not slack off or sleep – they must choose one of the other options available to them.
    • Sims may not take unpaid time off unless forced by the game engine.
    • Service sims may not be hired (also restricted by Business and Law Enforcement – International Super Spy).
    • Sims may not hire or fire employees for owned rabbit hole venues.
    • If you get an opportunity pop-up to change jobs you are allowed to take it if you wish.
    • Sims must take the first job in the paper on the first day of the challenge.
    • Subsequent sims may take the first job in the paper on the first day they look for a job. If this career track has already been cleared, or if there is a household member currently in the process of clearing this career track, then the sim may take the second job (or the third, if the second job has also been cleared/is being cleared).
      • If Science has been cleared, sims may choose to use the computer instead of the newspaper. If they do so, they must still take the first job on offer that has not been cleared (and is not currently being cleared). They may not check the computer and the newspaper and pick between them; the only exception would be if the sim used the newspaper first and all three jobs were already cleared or were in the process of being cleared.
    • Only Young Adults and Adults may get new jobs, careers, or self employment opportunities.
      • Elders and Teens may not get new employment of any kind.
      • Elders and Teens may still sell fish, vegetables, or /paintings if Business has been lifted, and they may collect royalties on books they write.
      • When a sim turns into an elder they may continue to work if they choose and they comply with existing restrictions.
        • Elders may quit work (even though Young Adults and Adults may not) since they are not allowed to retire.
        • If Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler has not been cleared, Elders must have an Athletics skill of 10 to continue working.
        • If Comforting Children has not been cleared, Elders may not be given any commands at all – to either start doing something or stop doing something (except to keep them breaking a rule). If they manage to get to work without being late, let them keep working. If they miss work for any reason, they must quit their job. That is the only command you can give them.
    • If a sim misses a single day of work for any reason they must quit their job.
    • If a sim loses employment in a career for any reason (quitting or being fired) they may never take a job in that career again.
    • Sims may not quit jobs without good reason; they must be fired outright, be late for work, or age up into an elder with less than 10 Athletics points (assuming Comforting Children and Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler have been lifted).
    • Elders and Teens may not be Self Employed, though they may still collect book royalties (or, if Business has been lifted, sell paintings, sculptures, inventions, fish, or vegetables). The union bosses don’t like it.
    • If you work from home as Self Employed (as a writer, painter, etc), you may ignore the restriction about needing to give up work if you miss a day.
    • Elders and Teens may not seek employment by moonlighting as a Mixologist, nor by playing in a band.
    • Sims may not purchase the Professional Slacker Lifetime Reward

Once a sim from the family follows the path of Robin of Loxley, they expose the corruption of the town’s officials in a grand public display on the courthouse steps. Little do they know that the federal labour enforcement agents are also in attendance. Confronted by the federal agents, the labour leaders agree to follow the proper labour laws. The Criminal – Master Thief restrictions are lifted.


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