Prerequisites – Generations Expansion, Military and Law Enforcement – International Super Spy

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Dr. Seuss

As families begin having children in this crisis, they realize they need someone to look after the little tykes while they go to work. They look outside their own household to help them raise their kids while they grub for a living. One dauntless sim in the family takes on the challenge of creating a warm, inviting and stimulating environment to help toddlers and children grow up to be responsible and productive sims.


    • Children and Teen sims may not do after school activities (also restricted by Education)
    • Children and Teen sims may not go to boarding school (also restricted by Education, Military, Politics, Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler and Law Enforcement – International Super Spy)
    • Children and Teen sims may not may not play in or own tree houses (also restricted by The Amazing Naturalist)
    • Sims may not play on the playground, ride the playground horse or play in the sand. (also restricted by Descendant of Da Vinci)
    • Sims may not buy any playground equipment at all for their home, except for the cheapest hopscotch panel item. (also restricted by Descendant of Da Vinci)
    • Children may not play submarine in the tub.
    • Children may not “go for a joy ride” on the sofa.
    • Children may not play pretend.
    • Teens may not choose to pull pranks.
    • Adult and Teen sims may not read children to sleep.
    • Sims may not use the slip n slide (also restricted by The Amazing Naturalist)
    • Children may not use the dress up trunk
    • Adults may not Woohoo in the shower, the tree house or other odd places. They can only woohoo in bed.
    • Adults may not leave on the “free” vacation (also restricted by Military, Politics and Law Enforcement – International Super Spy)
    • The stroller may not be used at all.
    • Sims may not use The Claw interaction with their toddlers.
    • Teen sims may not break curfew at all.
    • Sims may not ask about Alma Mater.

Once a genius in early childhood development arises in the family, becoming a Daycare Specialist of great renown , all Day Care restrictions are lifted. The children of the neighborhood REJOICE!!

NOTE: The Daycare self employment profession only goes up to level 5.

NOTE: All Day Care restrictions are activities and interactions unique to the Generations expansion pack. If you do not own Generations, you may entirely ignore this category. There won’t be a non-Generations way of fulfilling this career. Day Care breaks new ground and doesn’t affect any really universal rules that aren’t already covered by another restriction, therefore it doesn’t need a base game applicable clearing method.


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