Deirdre Montrose

Deirdre Montrose (deer-dre)

  • Traits: Genius, Good, Active (Wild)
  • Spouse: Nobuya Suzuki

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Deirdre is my very first detective.  Of course, first she needs to get married.  Nobuya is the lucky guy, and of course they get romantic, engaged, and married while Treasa sleeps.  Nothing like spending the first day (or week) at work dealing with the chief’s death.  Nobuya is working on becoming a musician so he spends his time practicing.  The cats are getting old so they end up taking them to the vet clinic a lot.  With Treasa gone they no longer have a vet at home, and their knowledge tends to using the cone of shame which just makes everyone unhappy.  Soon they have another mouth to feed.  Siobhan is a handful – she loves to throw her food on the floor – every single time.  The other problem with Treasa gone is no one has spent any time training the cats to not eat human food.  It takes two cakes to get Siobhan aged up without the cat eating it first.  Ahh, the Count came to feed, so Deirdre heads him off by asking him to give her a foot massage instead.  Afterwards, he just stands around and fries to death.  And the last picture I have of this generation is Nobuya coming home from work to die.  If I remember correctly he literally had a sliver left to his last promotion to max his career when he died.  I almost cried.


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