Descendant of da Vinci

Prerequisites – Ambitions Expansion and Business

“’Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Leonardo DaVinci

With survival on everybody’s mind, the arts have virtually disappeared overnight. People are more worried about finding their next meal than they are attending a concert in the park or buying art.

To lift this restriction, a Sim in the bloodline must achieve level 10 in painting, sculpting and inventing skills, paint one masterpiece, sculpt one masterpiece and discover all the inventions except the robot.


    • No items from the “Wall hanging”, “Sculpture” or “Rugs” tabs may be bought.
    • The drafting table may not be purchased unless the Architecture restriction has been cleared.
    • The family may have ONE book case, ONE radio, ONE easel, ONE Sculptor’s deck, ONE Inventor’s bench, ONE acoustic guitar and ONE chess table as skill building items. If Athletics has been cleared, the family may have ONE of either the bench press OR the treadmill, but not both.
      • ALL sims in the household may use the book case, boom box, easel, chess table and athletic equipment if it’s restriction has been lifted
      • ONLY sims in the Music career may use the guitar
      • ONLY sims attempting to lift Da Vinci restrictions may use the sculptor’s deck or inventor’s bench.
    • Sims may not purchase toy boxes, doll houses, xylophones, the pegboards or the block table for their toddlers and children.
    • Sims MAY have a single stuffed bear for their children and toddlers.
    • Cameras may not be used.
    • Sims may not visit the Art Gallery.
    • Sims may not hang pictures they paint anywhere on the lot.
    • Sims may not display sculptures they have created anywhere on the lot.
    • Sims may not talk about art, sculptures or inventions.
    • Sims may produce toys with the work bench in order to skill up.
      • Toys produced by the “practice inventing” interaction on the Inventor’s Bench must be immediately placed into family inventory or sold.
    • After discovering all the inventions that can be made, the sim in question may skill up by practicing making widgets.
    • Any Simbots you create MUST be turned out into the wild. They may not be moved into the household.
    • If science restrictions have been lifted, you may use the floor effusers, harvesters, miners and time machines you build. Otherwise, these items must be placed into your family inventory, never to be taken out again or sold.
    • Sims may not purchase Extra Creative, Never Dull, or Efficient Inventor lifetime rewards.

Once a great artist,sculptor and inventor is produced from the family, a wave of culture is set off and art and music return to people’s minds. The Artist restrictions are lifted.


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