Dr. Frankenstein’s Mad Scientist Invitational

Dr. Frankenstein’s Mad Scientist Invitational

Carl has tasked me with penning the final vanilla Lifetime Wish walkthrough for the site, Creature-Robot Cross Breeder. So, I thought I’d have a little fun in the process and create a challenge tied to the Science career. Enjoy!


  • Create 2 Young Adult Sims. One will be your scientist, and the other will be an assistant (i.e. an Igor character). Their relationship cannot be Romantic — no Woo Hooing with the utility character. Developing a close friendship is fine. No other Sims can be played.
  • Lifespan set to Long.
  • No cheats or modifications.
  • Utility character cannot fish, repair, or garden. They’re only allowed to cook.
  • Move your Sims into an existing house or build one yourself. Move as often as you want.
  • The Challenge ends after 100 days (Week 15, Day 2).


Paycheck: This is total amount made from your last paycheck. So, it would be one day’s work — the final one before the challenge ends. Take a look at the text box fairly quickly at the top right for the amount before it disappears.

Opportunities: Receive 500 points for every different completed Science Opportunity. Completing other non-Science Opportunities is fine, but only Science ones earn points. Write down the title of the completed Science Opportunities to keep things straight.

Laboratory: Bigger is better. This is the total square feet of all subterranean finished tiles on your lot. One tile = 9 square feet.

Add the 3 components together for your total.

Good luck to everyone!


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