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Physical Perfection


  • First item of business after the birth of Caleb is to complete Benjamin’s toddler training.

  • Juliana takes full advantage of the baby swings while she romances her next target, Bao Louie.

  • Juliana once again sneaks off for a quick trip before her pregnancy becomes obvious.  This time she doesn’t need the simoleons but the call of adventure is too much to resist.  She also forgot to pick up the French recipes on her last trip.  She doesn’t stay as long as she planned though as she picks up an opportunity to go to Egypt and back to China.  So she cleans out the tombs and heads home.

  • When Juliana gets home from France she discovers the babysitter apparently enjoys turning the swings on fast which upsets the little ones.

  • Juliana buys a toddler horsey thing and lets both boys take turns riding.  Aiden enjoys it but is ready when Juliana tells him time is up.

  • Benjamin, on the other hand, has the grumpy trait and he is not as cooperative.

  • Benjamin also dislikes the outdoors and is much happier once he gets back into the nursery.

  • Even though Aiden and Benjamin have both completed their toddler training and are eligible for a birthday party, Juliana wants to let nature take its course and allow the kids to grow up on their own schedule. So for now, no one gets a birthday party.

  • Aiden plays on the horsey before his first day of school.

  • There is so much wrong with this picture I don’t even know where to begin.

  • Juliana and the younger boys enjoy some quiet TV time while Aiden is at school.

  • Quiet at least until Juliana goes into labor.  This time around she opts for a hospital birth hoping the babysitter will feed Caleb and put him to bed.

  • Aiden still finds himself playing with his imaginary friend.  Hopefully he will make some real friends at school.


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