Elder Scrolls: Race to Immortality

Elder Scrolls: Race to Immortality

Congrats! You’ve entered the twilight of your life and are now an Elder. Modern Maturity subscription? Check. Talked to your local travel agent for that awesome around the world cruise? Check. Have everything in hand to make Ambrosia? gulps What?! You better get on that pronto before Grim shows up, grandpa. In fact, unless you want to be the laughing stock at that next shuffleboard tournament you need to see if you can make Ambrosia faster than your old fogey friends. Need me to speak louder?

General Challenge Rules
The General Challenge Rules always apply. If applicable, exceptions will be noted below.

Specific Challenge Rules

  • The Spa Day Game Pack is banned.
  • The Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack is banned.
  • Create one Elder Sim.
  • You are allowed to use the Buydebug cheat for the sole purpose of purchasing a satellite to prevent abductions.
  • No adding to the household.
  • The Science career is banned.
  • Traveling to the Science lot is banned.
  • Completing more than one Aspiration is fine, but no switching Aspirations until the first one is completed.
  • The Fortune Aspirations are banned.
  • This challenge ends when your Elder Sim has made and eaten Ambrosia. In the event you did not achieve this before Grim visits you, then post your score as DNF.


Scoring is the total game minutes played in order to make and eat Ambrosia.

Minutes — When your Elder Sim has finally made and eaten Ambrosia, then pause your game and note your age as well as the game clock time (hour, minutes and AM or PM). Plug in all the necessary info into Lena’s spreadsheet and it will calculate the total minutes that you needed to finish.


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