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  • Juliana moves on to her next target, Addison Betaz.  They get down to business once Juliana finishes indicating several times how hungry she is.

  • Aiden takes some time to play with Caleb.  He gives him a hug and then heads off to bed.

  • Juliana takes some time after her play time with Addison to read a logic book to Aiden.

  • She also gives Caleb his one ride on the horsey.

  • Needing to make a quick trip to Egypt to obtain the Ruby of Sakhara, Juliana slips out once the kids are in bed, trusting the on call babysitter with her little ones once again. (Having played through 15 days in Egypt and then accidentally selling the Ruby of Sakhara upon returning home, Juliana called in a mulligan and quit without saving. She tried again and this time around only stayed long enough to get the Ruby and then she returned home.)

  • Aiden and Benjamin decide to play tag, for 12 hours.  Aiden’s imaginary friend, Peaches, watches and waits for her turn to play with Aiden.  Benjamin’s imaginary friend is still a doll and hasn’t started stalking him yet.

  • After school the boys go for a “joy-ride” while Juliana makes fried bananas and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

  • Peaches finally gets some attention from Aiden.

  • Caleb spends his last days as a toddler trapped in the swing, dreaming of the day when he is big enough to sleep in a big-boy bed.

  • Juliana takes a break from teaching Dylan his toddler skills to let him get some sleep.  She decides to read a book to him, but he is not so impressed with her choice.

  • Dylan finally falls asleep and it looks like it is just in time as Juliana has gone into labor.

  • Or maybe the smell from the dirty potty just got to her.


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