Expansion Specific Rules


All international travel will require the clearing of the following careers

  • Politics
  • Law Enforcement – International Super Spy
  • Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler
  • Business

All un-lifted restrictions apply in Adventure locations


  • All Ambitions Professional Careers will require clearing Military before they are available to your sims.
  • Architecture will also require Business.
  • All Self Employment Careers will require clearing Business, Military and Criminal-Emperor of Evil before they are available to your sims.


  • Amended rules affecting things like forced days off for death of someone in the household, graduation, marriage, etc.
    • The requirement to quit your job due to pregnancy remains the same
    • Life events that force days off will require you to have a friends or higher relationship with your boss to keep your job.
      • Spouses just being married into the family will be exempt from having to know thier boss or lose their job because of the forced days off due to the wedding.
  • Day Care Profession
    • Will be required for being able to hire a babysitter if you own generations.


  • You may not train your animal to hunt things for you until Military and Education have been cleared.
  • You may not own a horse till Politics and Military have been cleared.
  • You may not ride a horse, nor may you train your horse to jump or run till Athletics is cleared.
  • If you adopt a pet, it must be a stray.
  • Pet toys may not be purchased until Descendant of DaVinci is cleared.
  • Buying anything from the Ice Cream Truck is restricted until Business and Culinary is cleared.
  • You may not buy the bird cage or bird branch table or the various cages for small animals – nor may you stock them with any kind of bird or small pet until Naturalist is cleared.
    • Exception, sims attempting to clear The Amazing Naturalist may purchase the basic cages for birds and animals in order to fulfill requirements for the category.
  • You may not breed your pets until Naturalist has been cleared.
  • Elder restrictions also apply to pets as they age.
  • You may not give your pet a bath, even for fleas, until Medical has been cleared.
  • The Unicorn may not be befriended or moved in to your family at all, ever.
  • You may not ask the Unicorn to bless you.
  • You may not have the Unicorn mate with any horses you own.
  • No getting plastic surgery at the hospital until Film – Actor and Medical are cleared.
  • You may not purchase or use the Kitty Tower until Architect and Business have been cleared.

Pet Life Span – for dogs, cats AND horses

  • 2 days for baby stage
  • 25 days for adult
  • 15 for elder


  • The chin up bar is unrestricted and may be purchased, placed on the lot and used any time.
    • The bar is larger than 1 square, so it can’t be moved till Athletic is cleared.
  • The Golf putter is restricted by Athletic.
  • The Dusty Old Lamp is forbidden.


  • At the beginning of your challenge, set your weather to 28 days of winter and disable spring, summer and fall
    • Once you have Symphonic cleared, you may set your seasons to no less than 14 days of winter and no more than 14 days of spring per cycle.
    • Once Naturalist is cleared, you may set your seasons how ever you wish
  • Sims may not sleep in the igloo, as per the base rule of sleeping outdoors and on the ground.
  • Going to Festivals is restricted by Military and Law Enforcement – Dynamic DNA Profiler.
    • Events at festivals will be restricted according to what they are
      • eating contests are restricted by Culinary
      • buying anything from booths, including getting your face painted, is restricted by Business
      • physical contests (water balloon fights, snowboarding competitions etc) are restricted by Athletic
  • You are allowed to observe the holidays
    • You may not give gifts until Law Enforcement – International Super Spy is cleared.
    • You may not decorate for the holidays until Architect is cleared.
  • If your sim receives a day off for any of the seasonal festivals and you haven’t cleared Life of Crime – Master Thief yet, you do NOT have to quit your job because NO ONE in town is working that day.
  • Gardening must be done in a “green house” you build in accordance with existing building restrictions until Naturalist is cleared.
  • Alien sims may be befriended, romanced and married in to the family
    • Aliens may NOT summon meteors until Alien Technology has been cleared.
    • A quest involving aliens, their space ship and their various abilities will be incorporated into a quest to lift Alien Tech.
    • People who DO own Seasons who get a random meteor strike before they have finished the Alien Tech quest will automatically life Alien tech and do not have to complete the quest if they do not wish.
  • Roller Skating Rinks, Ice Skating Rinks, Soccer Nets and Snow Board tubes are restricted by Athletics, Politics and Business.
  • Use of Diving Boards is restricted by Athletics, Medical, Politics and Naturalist
  • Use of Water Balloon Arenas is restricted by Athletics, Medical, Politics and Naturalist
  • Vampires MAY purchase and use the umbrella to avoid overexposure to the sun.
  • Occult sims may not play with the weather Tiki stone until Military and Symphonic has been cleared
  • Ocean Swimming is restricted by Athletics, Military, Medical and Naturalist
  • Sims may not splash in puddles or play in the rain until Medical is cleared
    • Sims CAN play in the snow, however, since it’s not making them all wet.
  • Building Igloos and having snowball fights is restricted by Athletics.
    • Making snow angels and building snow men are NOT restricted.
  • If your sim is ill, has allergies or a sunburn, they may not take time off work unless Master Thief is cleared.
  • You may write one love letter a day to any one sim you know before Journalism is cleared.
    • After clearing Journalism, you may write as many love letters as you wish..


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